Sunday, January 17, 2010

In the Middle of where God is Working!

I am sitting in my jammies and about ready to turn in for the night. I am thinking back over this past week and conversations I have had, the laughing moments, the inspiring moments, the grouchy moments and the warm fuzzy moments. So many people who pass through my life, and share their hearts and how they are meeting God.

Tonight was a warm and fuzzy moment on so many levels. I was in the kitchen of our church waiting for Emily to finish up with worship. I love JB, the woman who runs the kitchen, she has turned out to be a dear friend. She shares her heart so easily, and opens up with joy, sometimes tears, sometimes laughter, and sometimes a closing in quiet whisper. In the last few years she has experienced God in her life and I see His smile on her face. We stood at the sink washing and drying dishes and she let me share some of my girly-mommy secrets. We mommy's do have secrets too, and to share with a trusted girl friend (notice singular, not plural). I shared and she shared and we boh giggled a lot. It was just the two of us in the kitchen.

She shared with me how she is realizing that all the problems in her life are no longer problems but are now opportunities in her life to see Jesus, acknowledge Him, and grow from the situation. She laughed out loud as she said "I see God in every part of my day and it's so exciting". The joy of the Lord radiates from the corners of her smile, and brightness of her eyes, and pitch in her voice.

More and more as the weeks unfold I am finding the joy in watching others truly see who God really is. This past week, the most unexpected people have reached deeper, drawn closer, or exposed the emptiness of their hearts only to want to open it up to Him and there I am standing with my mouth hung open. How am I so blessed to be right in the middle of all this? I have been so heavy with joyful emotions. Tears fall easily as I listen and watch.

As I was driving away from our first evening of Saturday evening service downtown I had this vision of an old smelly drunk man walking through the doors of this old church. the music has already started. The seats full and here is this man swaying and his smell preceding him by about ten feet. As I had this vision I realized that I wanted to be the one to step out and take his arm and lead him to a seat to hear about Jesus. I wanted to be the one to ask others to make room for him, and allow him a place to worship and meet Jesus. I want to be in the middle of where God is working.

As I drove onto the freeway I realized how over the past few years God has slowly, in His time been answering some very deep prayers of my heart. One has been to be in the middle. I am a leader, often walking faster than most, my brain works quickly and I wanted to learn how to slow down so I don't miss a thing. I don't miss out on the tender moments with my husband, my children and those who God brings into my life. I am in the middle of where God is working and thank Him for teaching me how to be the "middle-man"

Dear Lord Jesus thank you for this place of honor.


  1. I concur. I love being in the middle of where God is working. It is so awe-inspiring, and I am highly grateful for the opportunity. Thanks for the post.

  2. I loved hearing about your friend. She sounds like a great lady. I also loved hearing about your vision. I am sure you will be the one to step out and take his arm.

    Praying you move slowly enough to never miss the important things God has put in your path. This is a good lesson for all of us.

  3. There's a great part of me that longs to "reside" in the middle of ministry right now; so many times I'm taking the lead, and truly, God is calling me to step back in some ways. Been a hard transition, but I can see how very necessary it is becoming in my frenetic lifestyle. I'm missing out on some valuable moments with my kids.


  4. WOW! I haven't visited in a few weeks and you've got a lovely new layout!

    I always enjoy reading your posts about finding God in life. Its so easy to get caught up with being grouchy that I very often forget the blessings that God has given me.

    BTW, your last post on toilets is ringing true in my house too and I only have one little boy using the toilets right now. When the second one gets old enough, I'm sure I'll be washing the toilets every day too!


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