How does a Consultant come alongside to help your brand, your product, and help your service gain access into the correct markets and grow awareness, sales, product placement and development of market trends? 
"A consultant will help navigate through to the next level and help define the direction needed to go for greater success."

Elizabeth Traub, works directly with your key person, as an Independent Consultant.  She will work hard at  getting your company, service or product to that next level and in front important resources for purchase, growth, awareness as well deepen your market presence. Elizabeth is a problem solver. She has a keen sense and out of the box thinking. 
Elizabeth will ask key questions about your company to determine exactly what direction will be best for that next growing step in your business.  Once an accurate assessment has been made, Elizabeth will work with your team or key person to cast a vision for growing and developing your company.  She will put together an action plan, a budget and then work alongside, as your Independent Consultant.  

Times are changing and so must you.  Through new platforms of developing business, Elizabeth will give you the best resources and direction tailored for your exclusive product, brand or business.

If Your Dreams & Passions are to move forward- My Experience & Help can get you to the next level.
Doing what we do in real time,
Now doing it online. 

Please contact Elizabeth Traub if you would like to pursue your Dreams and Passions
Elizabeth Traub, Independent Consultant, Designer, Blogger/Writer.   Elizabeth is creative and inspiring with her ideas.   She has a keen sense of direction, works with integrity and knowledge. Her experience take you in the direction you want to take your company, your home, your event, or your heart on matters that are important to you.  
Elizabeth loves to sit face to face to get to know you over a terrific cup of coffee, or through Social Media connections she will share a virtual cup of coffee. 
Your Dreams & Passions, My Experience & Help.
Consultant-Interior Designer-Writer-Friend-Lover of Portland, OR

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