Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Miracle

Here is my Miracle for today:

There are many times in my life, when I blink and realize that God intervened at just the right moment. Ten seconds earlier, or ten seconds later a completely different outcome would have occurred. But God has placed people where he wanted them at just the right time. The placement of these people changed the outcome of my future.

When I was four years old, I decided that I was old enough to walk to the store. I was told to wait for everyone else, but even then I was an impatient person. It was about six blocks to the neighborhood shopping area. When I was there, I remember looking into the windows of a store. A car full of men called me over to their car. I walked over. They told me that my mom was sick and they needed to take me home. My mom was at work and Miss Elizabeth (our sitter) was at home, so I was not buying it. They offered me candy and I said no. But then they offered me a quarter. Twenty-five cents is a lot of money to a four year old. As I reached for the coin, I was then pulled by the man sitting in the middle into the car. In a split second my legs were pulled. A woman had pulled me out of the car and the car sped away.

This woman was the mother of a girl who had babysat for our family but once. She came to our home to meet our family of four little girls. She was in our home for five minutes. It was a month later that she was walking down this street and was able to size up the situation. Ten seconds later or ten seconds earlier the outcome could have been different. I often wondered where I would be today if this angel had not passed by.

These are the kinds of miracles that are in play every single day. Look for them and ask yourself how the outcome would have been. God is so watching out for us. There are times when it does not seem like it, but I know from one day to the next he is. It was evident, that summer day over 37 years ago.


  1. God really did send an angel your way that day! And you are right, I am sure the outcome would have been completely different....

    Thank you for sharing that great story and thank you for participating in Miracle Monday!

  2. WOW! The timing on that was perfect.

    These days, I'm constantly worried that something like that will happen to my son. I'll have to pray for perfect timing for him too.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. wow, your story gave me chills! thank God that woman realized what was happening!

  4. That story gave me chills. How close you came to being taken. You're right, Thank God for God's timing.

  5. I'm glad that you were pulled away from this danger. I sure wish that all of our little ones could be saved from savages like those men all the time.

  6. Praise God for watching over you sweetie.

  7. That is awesome! Praise God!!

    P.S. as soon as we get settled in a new place I am emailing you pics of the boys room so you can help me decorate! :o)

  8. That is so crazy!

    God's timing is perfect!!

  9. Oh wow. Your story gave me shivers. What a miracle that the woman came by at just the right time to help you. I do wonder how much those few seconds really matter. We just don't know how much we are spared.

  10. That is a miracle. That woman walked in the exact moment that God needed her to walk. Great story.

  11. He will give His angels charge over you...

    He surely did that day in the form of a lady he brought into your life who just "happened" to come to your home for 5 minutes... who just "happened" to be the same place you were being accosted at the EXACT TIME it was taking place.

    ISN'T GOD amazing! GREAT STORY.


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