Friday, January 23, 2009

The Words from a Stranger....

"Honey, those boys sure have a lot of energy. Why you could cut them loose in Montana and even that would not tire them out." Said by a stranger at the mall this morning.

I was at the mall today. I kind of know how to gauge boy energy. Upon waking they are dressed in less than five minutes. Breakfast takes even less time and they are counting the minutes until Ethan has to go to school. Not to know when to leave, but to know just how much play time they have before the ring leader is gone. So off and running they disappear into the world of boy play.

As I sip my coffee alone in a kitchen, I know these are the early signs of much energy needed to be let go. It's freezing outside so no outdoor hikes or parks to off the mall after we drop Ethan off.

The boys pretty much own the play area, as it's still early and there are no other children. I have noticed that as kids to slowly wander in they stand and just watch. Even I am amazed at the play both boys jump into. Today they were cheetah's and for 15 minutes their little body's did not stop. I timed it because after this lovely lady made a comment about their energy I was curious to see how long they could go without a water break.

If I may take a moment to flatter myself this stranger did say, following her comment about the boys, that I did not look like a worn out mama, so I must love what I do. Sweet!!!!! A good night's rest will always do wonders. Now what to do the rest of the day?


  1. Yes their energy sure does amaze me. It's nothing like little girl energy. It's entirely different. It's something you figure out once you have a boy.

  2. I can only imagine the energy of my little guy times two. How fun that they have each other! Blessings. :)

  3. My son when he was little had so much energy - I'm glad I was young to keep up with it. If I had a little one now - oh boy, I would be tired all the time.

  4. Honestly, I DO look like a worn out mother, and I'm all too ready to give anyone a list of why that is! I've often said this and believe it to be true...

    My kids will be my perfection in the end. They're sure using every occasion to prove me genuine.

    Help me Lord! I mean it.


  5. Thank you for your posts on my blog. Much appreciated.

    Its great to see our kids running around, going wild, spending energy. There is such fun in watching them, just play

  6. No you definitely do not look like a worn out mama.

    I haven't been here for awhile because I lost all my bookmarks but I'm back. I love your blog! It always inspires me :)

  7. you seem like a mama full of gratitude and joy, not a worn out mama. :) i love seeing moms who love being with their kids.

  8. I admire your peace! I've got two little guys, ages (almost) 7 and 4 and wow, I'm tired by 8 am!


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