Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bathrooms and Boys

I clean my toilet's every single day. I have three of them in my home. All of them are used and I have pop-up cleaners in every bathroom of this house. Even with these daily efforts my toilets suffer. The floor around them suffers and I walk into a bathroom only an hour after a good cleaning and it smells like an outhouse.

Three little boys who distract each other, who do not have time, to take the time, to aim and shoot. Using the bathroom is a huge inconvenience to a busy boy. Just minutes ago as I walked past an open bathroom door my five year old greeted me mid-stream. With the full body turn. Only thing he forgot to turn something off and yet again my bathroom needs to be cleaned.

One might say, to teach these boys to clean up after themselves, but if you are a mother to many boys you know that could take things down a completely different path of destruction. I have already been there and done that. They do have to help and I give them baby wipes for this purpose. I will not allow them to handle the chemically enhances wipes made especially for killing germs. They love to help and brag on their ability to clean up after themselves, but really all the drips spread into every crack and crevasse.

I know I am not alone and I know this is a no-nonsense kind of post, but is there something, someone could invent to make this task less annoying. I don't want to hear the float a cheerio in the bowl trick. My boys will make a fishing pole and fish it out. Is the bowl not big enough that they miss. I know I could go into a men's restroom somewhere and casually swipe a urinal. Come out looking nine months pregnant and solve all my problems. That is not such a bad idea. I am just so tired of cleaning toilets. I know there will come a day when they are all in school and I will have a guarantee that my bathrooms will stay clean for the better part of six hours. Whew!! Will that be a fine day. So for today, and tomorrow and the years that follow....I will continue these efforts of motherhood with joy.


  1. steffi@clanwebb.comJanuary 16, 2010 at 11:05 AM

    This certainly takes me back Elizabeth. My mom used to complain about the same thing. My goal, after becoming a mother of a boy, was to teach him a few things. Yes, to clean up if he made a mess, but for goodness sake, put the seat down when you are done! That to me was more important. May your journey for a clean bathroom bring lots of smiles and stories for later. So funny!

  2. I just have Eric clean the toilets. I figure when he gets tired of cleaning them he'll teach the boys to pee properly. LOL


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