Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Place on my heart Specifics

It is an every day routine kind of life I live. On most days things flow in the same order, projects slowly get knocked off a mental list, and before I know it I am getting dinner ready.

Today I got a real physical work out. Knee bends, squats, high kickes, stair climbing, and quick action movements. Playing Power Rangers with Emerson is more of work out than any machine I own. Today, things have no flow, nothing being knocked off any lists and Emerson got to watch shhhhh....don't tell the big brothers....Power Rangers. After the movie he wanted me to play out all these action moves. We did for the better part of 30 minutes. We are a TV free zone during the school week, so this movie really was a real treat for Emerson and he proudly did brag to his brother's once picked up from school.

Today I have been on the computer ALOT!! In the past week I have not been following the Haiti news. I hear bits and pieces over the radio, and then David talks about details in the evenings. I just don't have time during the day or really the evenings to committ to any news channels and follow and being a no TV during the school week house does not allow for quick updates. Today I took that time. I read all over the internet the news stories, watched video clips, and even found a blog of a young woman living there with her family. Her story seemed more real than the news stories. Her story brought tears to my heart, her story was truly one I will be following for a long time. Here is her blog

I was reading early this morning from Romans 10. Paul is expressing his deep desire for salvation of the Israelees. I am no Bible scholar but I am pretty sure that is the direction of the content. In this verse:
Romans 10:1
"Brethren my heart's desire and my prayer to God for them is their desire for salvation"

Disaster happens all around us. Disurbing our routines, our schedules, our lives. Away from Haiti many of us have complete distasters going on around us. When I read this verse, before even going online this morning I just started to pray for the salvation of these Haitian people. How could they possibily find salvation in such devistation. Yet I have known my own kind of devistations and it is ALWAYS there that I have met God. So today, like Paul I pray a simple pray of salvation for those who are hurting, still buried under the rubble. I pray that time alone and feeling left behind they would meet Jesus, and it would be pressed on their hurts to call out to Him. I pray for those who have gone to help, that they would know Him too.

It is easy to feel helpless so far away from such destruction. What can I say or do? Our God is so amazing, so dialed into our hearts when we are seeking Him and His will. I believe my prayers are going to change a heart somewhere. I may never know that change, but I do know that I am to pray. I prayed that God would give me specifics and I was introduced to this blog and now have a family to pray for.

Dear Lord Jesus, as we go about our day, place on our hearts specifics.


  1. Bless you...for your thoughts of Haiti and for a no TV week with the children...Thanks for sharing your thoughts. SF

  2. Please know I don't know how to list myself as not anonymous. Sorry!

  3. the salvation of these people is the same prayer God placed on my heart. the need of the Haitian people is exactly the same today as it was before the earthquake hit.....they need JESUS. Bless you

  4. The whole Haiti disaster is so sad. I have been watching some things about it too and it just gets so sad. I am going to check out the website you recommended.


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