Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cleansing and Purging My Soul

“What a wonderful day of being blessed and cleansing and purging my soul. It's hard sometimes, but it's done. Over, moving on….”

Today, a dear new friend sitting on my sofa and hearing the intimacies of my heart. She does not offer wisdom or words. She bows her head and prays. The holiness of God and His love and care pours in.
I did not tell her how to pray for me, she just did. Her prayers and words speaking the freedom in pain that God gives. It only comes from God, because on my own I would not be able to sail off into the afternoon and go swimming with my boys and friends.  A much needed day to breath in friendship, the fresh  air and love back my life as it is.  Living in the joy of what my life is, who is in it and how I live it.

Earlier in the weekend another orchestrated blessing. Desperately needing to be with close friends. and one friend drives in from Portland to play, hang out and spend two days with me and the boys. Her timing of friendship and extending her ears to listen and heart to just love me right where I am. 

There is truly joy in hardships. My joy, in the midst of private storms keep my sails up, and moving forward.  I don't try to be strong and I don't pretend to be strong. I ask God for comfort, for peace and the blessings of friendships bring exactly what I need.  My faith is made strong in this storm. The strength anyone may see is simply God's hand holding me up through friendships, faith, and loving care.

God cares for our hearts. He knows our story and we do not have to be held captive to our situation or circumstance. Seek Him in all things. Cast you cares upon Him. I did that at 1am two nights ago, and last week, and this morning and right now. Casting over and over because I am an imperfect example of not doing it all at once. And each time I cast, HE gives me a greater peace.  

As the weeks unfold, a new chapter is going to be written. The pages will ring with the awesome and amazing wonders of God. May your heart learn, grow, and be strengthened. Blessings, Elizabeth

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