Sunday, May 31, 2015

Motherhood Post 465......

I find myself, as of late sharing my mothering experiences. If I had just one or two children those might be fewer and further in-between, but then with five kids well the words flow more often.
This commute is crazy. I mean look at the traffic.
I still can not believe I  stepped into single motherhood for a second time in my life. Perhaps that might be why I keep writing about it. How does that happen? Twice divorced. I'd rather eat twice baked potatoes every night for year than go through this again.  Not good on the relationship resume that is for sure.
Ethan just taking it all in. Moo!
My boys and I have settled on a small ranch which has been my dream since I was 18 years old.  One weekend last Fall I just sat in my car crying. Crying because it really feels good to just sit before God and cry it out. I was asking God to just show me what should be next, and I actually said to God, "I would just like to live the dream of my youth."  Living in an old farm house in the middle of nowhere is not what most young girls dream, but I did. Now with no husband to boohoo the idea I could at least pray and ask God now. That same day, a young woman walked into my store and said, "Hey I know you are looking for a place, I have an old farm house on my property."  NO FREAKING KIDDING!!!!!  God, in his awesome, answer my prayer and bless my soul kind of way is taking care of this mother and her dreams.
My driveway takes me breath away. Thank you God!
 What needed to come with that farm house was a sturdy four wheel drive rig. Again, shopping for an SUV and well to be honest, I never had to drive a used car. I have owned few cars and rolled them brand new off a lot and drove four years and years.  I could not see with starting two new business's and finances still in limbo with divorce stuff, I again sat and asked God to give me direction in even how to buy a car. I am not car savvy when it comes to used cars and that day. A friend walks into my store to see how I am doing. He is older and wiser and has a sound business mind. I asked him about car buying. Right there he told me was selling his SUV because he had just bought a brand new car. He said I could have it for half of what blue book listed it as.  Did God just do this or am I living in a world of luck and coincidence. Now add in that my boyfriend happens to specialize in the brand and dealer of this used car, because there have been a few minor problems that he could fix for me. (Yes that was a subtle drop of a man in my life, but that story will come later.)
I named him "Chocolate Chip" as he greets me each morning. 
Back to motherhood.  How does this post even read about my kids and being a mother. Taking care of my kids is very important to me. Seeing that they are safe and have a home that is cozy and fun.  Asking God in this journey of being a mother that  would be able to sustain a home and safe vehicle as living where I now live has challenged my driving skills.
I have no idea who owns these guys, but I often stop to pet them.
My boys have adjusted to this new normal and they love where we live and grumble when we have to be in town, because they would rather be home outside playing. Our God, my God and your God is sustains all things good. Look for that goodness and you will find it smiling at you. Cheers~Elizabeth

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