Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just a few words.....

....From the Bible. Okay I don't have any specific verses, but something so cool happened today that I wanted to share. I have been home bound with a sick boy for the past three days. It's been an even bigger bummer because the weather has been so nice and the other two boys have wanting to do something outside, and are limited to the backyard which is not so bad.

Today I was in a mental funk. My sick child was slowly coming out of it, the other two boys happy and playing really well. But I was in a funk. I was so productive in knocking off a few huge projects I wanted to complete. Today is the first time in my life that I have all the bed linens on every single bed in this house clean, dried, and back on the beds. But even then I am still in a funk.

I put on one of my favorite praise tapes. Yep it's a tape. I have a mini stereo in my upstairs hallway that has a tape player on it and I have refused to spend the money to update all my tapes of yesterday. So I put on a worship tape by Sandi Patty. So eighties, but I love it. I thought if I played the tape and sang along my spirits would be lifted. Nope even Sandi could not take me out of this slump.

Emerson was napping and the two other boys were in a room playing Lego's so I went and just laid on my bed trying to figure what has put me here. Nothing came to my mind, so I started to pray, but my heart was not into praying. I felt it was more just lip service kind of praying. I picked up my Bible and read Proverbs 6 which was basically how to stay away from an adulteress woman. Great, not exactly the passage I need for today. But then I just started thumping through my Bible and reading a passage here, and there, and then I realized almost an entire hour had gone by. The boys hopped up on my bed and wanted me to read to them.

A couple of hours later I was in the kitchen finishing up the preparations for dinner and thought, what changed in me? My spirits were so high. I felt like me, which is pretty much a happy kind of spirit. Not a whole lot really rattles me and I stood there thinking, what had changed. What changed is how the Holy Spirit spoke to me through the passages of scripture that crossed my path. Random acts of reading and taking notes in thought of how amazing God is and wants to be in my life. Reading just a few words brought so much peace to my unsettled spirit. I thought I had read just a few words, but realized that it was almost an hour of reading.

No energy drink, no special pill, no special coffee drink, just good old fashioned Bible thumping...just a few words.


  1. Hey Elizabeth!
    I always feel better when I read the Word too. Sometimes I will bake something and give it away. I have not had to do that in a long time, but that always really helped me when I was not quite myself. But spending time in the Word is the very best way to thwart the evil one for sure!
    I am hoping that by now your little one is feeling himself now.
    Thanks for reading my Marriage Monday story and commenting. That makes it even more fun!
    Blessings to you.

  2. Don't you love how God talks to us? Sometimes when I'm in a negative mood, I try to shift that energy into something positive. But it is hard to do. I was in a slump yesterday and was swimming outside when I started changing my bad thoughts from "Darn kids can't stay out of my way," to "God, how do you make the water sparkle like that?", "how do ripples in the water form?", "thank you that I can swim," etc.etc.etc. and by the time I got done with my laps, I felt better! It helps!

  3. I never thought of doing this whenever I'm feeling a down. Glad that you have reminded me of the power in Bible. I'll give it a go.

  4. Those Words ARE life!!! Good for you.

    BTW, your arguments MIGHT make me reconsider the sock/sandal thing, you presented a good defense!!

  5. Isn't it amazing how God can refresh us through His Word, but it is so often a last resort? :) Good job spending an afternoon resting in Him!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    (Wow- I just read about your medication mix-up. That is so scary! I'm so glad you're ok!)
    Michele :)

  6. How awesome! Bible thumping happened for me this morning also-sad to say I hadn't picked up my bible in over a week. Glad to get back in the word and so glad that you were blessed by what you read!

  7. Thank you for your encouraging comments on my blog.

    And you are so right, nothing like the Word to breathe new life into your day. Great post!


  8. I just love it when that happens!

  9. so cool :o) I can't wait for coffee...please make sure you call to remind me :o)

  10. Isn't God good - sometimes just a few place words helps us through the funk. I'm glad you are doing better.

    Have a Happy Mother's Day.

  11. I'm glad to hear how your spirits were lifted this way. Isn't God sneaky. He lifts us up and we don't even know it at the time, but all of a sudden, BAM. Seems to me he really knows what he's doing.


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