Wednesday, November 23, 2011

God Surprises Me Often

Have I ever told you that there seems to be special blessings for stay home mommies. That is not to say that working mommy's are void of blessings, but truly God continues to surprise me and often.  Last summer I took Emily shopping for some jeans. We found a few different pairs at the mall. It was her shopping time, so I did not try anything on, but took mental notes.  Later I went back and tried on a lovely pair of jeans.  I looked at the price $395.00. YIKES!!!  This stay home mom has no choice but to make choices about how money is spent, and believe me there would be no purchase of these amazing jeans, that did my middle age body wonders.  I wandered over to Nordstroms, and since I was in the trying on mood, I took the time to try on another pair of jeans.  Apparently my body only likes jeans in the hundreds value.  AMAZING!!! 

I am not the kind of shopper that leaves disappointed. I actually feel more validated to know that my husband will not be calling me and asking what I spent $600.00 on.  He might grumble, we might eat beans and rice for a few days, but at least I would look good in my jeans doing.  The really is it is very easy for me to walk away.  I am good with heading over to Target and only spending $17.99, but I never did make it over there.

Now fast forward to last night. David and I had a date night out.  We checked into a little pub and had dinner together. I talked him into a quick stop at Value Village on our way home.  The boys wear holes in their knees like  nobody's business, so I like to stock up on nicer finds.  David was reluctant to really touch anything. This is not his kind of shop, but bless his soul for coming with me.  I looked over in the ladies jeans section. I still had not purchased any jeans since my last adventure the summer before.  There are the rack.  The two EXACT same jeans I tried on last summer in my size. I squealed!!  I looked at David and said, "you have no idea what a find these are, and in my size. I don't even need to try these on, I already did at Norstrom and that Budda shop."  He had no idea what I was talking about. 

We made our way up to the counter.  The sales gal looked at my find and gasped.  She said, "you know these are like a $400.00 pair of jeans?"  David smiled, to learn that I had not embellished such a find to sweeten the deal.  We came home and David washed all the jeans.  This morning I modeled them for my daughter and we both had a good laugh over such finds.

Here is my reality.  Things do happen like this often.  So often that I can make honest statements like "God has special blessing for stay home mommy's  like me."  I could write a few more stories like this, but today just this one.  Thanks God for knowing the perfect fit for me and providing in a way that surprises me often.

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  1. Love this, Elizabeth! I need to go shopping and praying with you! Thanks for sharing.


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