Monday, November 21, 2011

Closing Down the Pumpkins

Today, just as planned. Right down to the shovel being put back in it's place.  In the pouring rain I started in the task of pulling all the stuff out of the flower beds. If you read this blog often you will know that my kids take humor in planting pumpkins up my walkway. It's quite lovely and then the weather turns and  those vines turn green, and the pumpkins, well not so pretty.  It is time to close down the pumpkin patch.  Today, after a mall walk with a friend I started in.  It felt so good, the rain pouring, the wind whipping up, and there I am working away.  Pulling up the vines, transferring pumpkins to the pumpkin graves, and then hosing it all down.  I found an old stocking cap and caught my reflection by the front door. I looked like one of those crazy ladies that we have living next door at least once in our lives. My big round glasses could have used some wipers, but no time for cleaning glasses. I got it all done. It felt so good to take a long hot bath when all was done.

Now I am ready to start in on decorating the porch for Christmas.  I am looking forward to this Christmas season. So many reasons to smile and enjoy life.  God is truly so very good.

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  1. Amen, sister. I pray I am a mom like you who has literally group "love family sessions" everyday with your rockstar crew :) I will be seeking wisdom :) Hallelujah that God gives them to us so little and they can't talk or understand all of our shortcomings yet :) Good God.

    Have fun running the vines out of your walkway :)
    Love, Anna


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