Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Anna's Wreath. One in which she hand tied each colorful bow.
 This Thanksgiving Eve was one to truly give thanks over.  Surrounded by family and young friends.  David and I sitting back and watching and that feeling of blessing that comes from the heart of God.  Extended ourselves just a little, to see that we have memories to make and to share.  Gathering with our boys to make wreaths.  I am thankful for their creative hearts.  Each boy choosing what is going on their wreath, and then careful placement of colorful things.  Each of the older young adults, gathering around the table with their selections and choices.  David and I sharing a glance, just watching and smiling and being so blessed to have a houseful of cheer.
Being  a designer, I am always impressed how others mix and match colors and design.                                 

 After wreath making everyone settles in for a movie.  Starting the festive season with ELF.  I love that this movie has been around long enough, we all know when to laugh 
and laugh before, and sing along, and smile.
Eric was proud of finding buttons to match and the few leaves he could use.

 Ethan was very artsy in his approach. Asking me if specific colors worked, 
and being careful to match only the colors that he liked.
 Emerson is so cute. He was very excited to find ribbon with spots on it.  
And his big blue snowflakes.
 This is my wild and crazy wreath.  Actually these are colors in my bedroom, and I really wanted to have a wreath just inside the door of my bedroom.

 Very blessed and thankful by these girls, daughters, and friends.
This is how we do Thanksgiving Eve.  Making wreaths.  Happiness and Joy in all we say and do.

So thankful for David and his love for cooking along with me on Thanksgiving Day.  So much to be thankful for, yes.  Most important is the family God has placed me in to be a wife and mother. His provisions to provide a cozy home, with a mess of wreaths, crafts, hot glue and love.  Thanks Lord Jesus, how you know the desires of our hearts and continue to give and give.  May I always give back to others as you have generously given to me. Happy Thanksgiving 2011


  1. Isn't it wonderful when God shows us those little moments to sit and enjoy! May the rest of your holiday season be as great as the start. Much love to you. Steffi

  2. What a fun idea to do the wreaths! And to make one for the inside of your bedroom door, too. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend! I am thankful to God for you!

  3. Indeed, you extended yourselves! What a gift you've given to your family and loved ones. I'm so glad for the sweetness that is now celebrated in your family--for all the ways your love is growing and is on display for your family.

    Blessings to all of you as you make your pilgrimage to the manger. May the coming of Christ be fresh and certain in your hearts.



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