Saturday, September 10, 2011

And The Lord Spoke To

Numbers 6:22-24
And the LORD spoke to Moses, “Tell Aaron and his sons, ‘This is how you are to bless the Israelites. Say to them: The LORD bless you and keep you;  the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.” 

I wonder what it would be like to have such a clear message directly from God.  Someday will someone stumble across the writings of Elizabeth and read,"The Lord said to Elizabeth, and then years later those words are repeated as prayers of hope, those words are made into a song, or spoken after each church service.  I highly doubt that, but He has important words for me just as He did for Moses.  Am I listening?

I was listening to a friend speak about a popular child psychologist, and author of many books on Christian parenting. It was a brief conversation but she said "he needs to update his books.God clearly gives wisdom to his people today.  Some people are able to take the pen and write books to give Biblical guidance in parenting and in life. Some people have a platform in ministries to speak what God has spoken into their hearts and we can sit under that teaching with pen, paper and our Bible and follow along.   Writing down important information about specific teachings.

I had a non-coffee-coffee-date with a new friend yesterday. I say it this way because we basically occupied two seats in Starbucks, sat for almost two hours, drank our ice water and never ordered a coffee.  As we were sharing and collaborating on an important project for her company she did something, that even right now I am so tickled about.  She leaned and said, "God talks to me and tells me things."  I loved it!!!  

I listened to her share a little of her stories of how God talks to her and I thought about Numbers 6:22-26.   "And the Lord spoke to Moses"  Wow, the same God, the same power of Divine Intervention into our lives, our hearts, our ears, our thoughts IS speaking still.  If we know Him and if we are listening.  Moses was listening and was given specific instructions.  That instruction would become what most churches use as their Benediction...well the churches of my childhood.  It's in rare form I ever hear the Benediction in churches today. 

God does speak to us. He speaks to me through out the day.  I know some may think I am a nut-case, but even this morning as I wake up and roll over I am consulting God on my day and asking Him to give me a spirit that will be a blessing to others. (this is a HUGE prayer on a Saturday morning when the first boy wakes at 6:47am and whispers "I love you mama") His Spirit invited into the everyday stuff.  As I type in the dining- room, the boys are flying planes all over the first floor.  They have seen the news clips of the 911 and talking about how they are keeping passengers safe, and how "there is a man praying right now because I think He knows he is going to die and God is telling him I will see you soon." (that was Emerson) My heart hurts for that day, but today, one day away from the ten year anniversary even my boys are learning to talk to God and they know he talks to them. 

What is God speaking to you about?  "And the Lord spoke to Moses saying".  God had important things to pass along to Moses. I am sure Moses was NOT thinking that what God spoke to him about would be the very blessing used for 100's of years to come. A message explaining in such a simple way that God's blessing are for "you" and "you" and "you".  What if Moses rolled out of bed that morning, tired, feet sore and dusty, water low, twisted in his robe again after a long night sleep, and he stumbles out of his tent, grumbles some more and throws his staff back into his tent and says "not today God" and goes back to bed.  I know I have had days like that.  What would Moses have missed?  That whispering of God into his (Moses) next move of the day. "And the Lord Spoke to Moses saying"

Moses delivered a message of Hope that day.  God needed Moses to do this for one reason only.  It was hope for the people.  Confidence building in turbulent times.  God needed Moses to listen carefully.  This is a passage that I read in my teens, not to many years ago.  Even today I asked the same question of myself. Am I listening?  

The words of Moses, some famous child physiologist, the pastor, your friend over a non-coffee-coffee-date, you...what is God telling you to tell others. Time does not change God.  Outdated lyrics, outdated books, outdated clothes, furniture, shoes, handbags and still God is speaking to His people.  We, as believers are His people.  God does not show preferential treatment.  Not sure where you would find that statement in the Bible, but the same God who spoke to MOSES speaks to me. Speaks to non-coffee-coffee-date friend.

When she told me that God speaks to her I understood what she was saying and together we shared the little ways He speaks to us.  You or I may not speak to nations, nor may our words end up in a book that teaches others, but today as you live and breath God has some important things to tell you. Things that you can pass along to others.  Moses was ready.  And today that same message of peace written in that passage brings comfort and clarity over and over again to me.   How many of us will thank Moses for being awake and ready just that one day in his life?  How many times I thank God for the pastors at my church speaking truths God has placed on their hearts and me quickly scribbling notes down.  And those whom I have sat with and chatted with who boldly tell me how God has spoken to them.  Really?  The same God who spoke to Moses and spoke into the hearts of the authors of the Bible speaks to feeble-weeble me?  Okay I am not feeble, but sometimes I think many of us don't think we are worthy.  I am worthy. You are worthy, and when we are seeking Him in All things guess what, it's very hard to miss God speaking.

God's whispers into my heart His peace so with that I say Peace be with you, Shalom.


  1. Love that the Lord speaks!

    Just wondering how you find time to blog...

  2. So great :) This is amazing-I have a friend going through some really hard times and literally when she speaks you think that God is her absolute best friend (He is) because she is earnestly desiring to hear from Him. That convicted me and so did this- He speaks. Still speaks!!!!!
    xoxo, Anna


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