Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Few Summer Smiles

 Ethan caught a poly wog and thought that was cool.
 Orange Cream sickle drinks at the Zoo Concert with girl friends.
 Ethan showing Emerson how to practice combing his hair for when school starts.  Emerson loved his slicked out look.
 I am not so hip with fashion and color, so when I realized my nail polish matched my shirt I was beside myself. It was not even planned so I took a picture to remember that some fashion just comes together naturally.  (My toes matched too, but I will spare you for now.)

 Emerson was afraid to jump off the dock into the River. His big sister Emily gave him confidence to jump and then to swim way out.  Look at those two way out there... sillies.  Emerson was quite proud of himself. I am too.
Eric kept trying to catch poly wogs. He did not have success, but what I love about Eric is he never stopped trying. He stuck with this dipping of the plastic bag for over an hour.

These are just a few summer tidbits. More to come. I was just looking at pictures and smiling over what makes me smile so I thought I would share. School has started, but with this 90 degree weather we are having it's fun to start downloading and sorting out pictures.  One of my stay home mom projects is to finally sit and my computer and file and sort pictures.  I can see this is going to take forever with all the distractions.  Happy Sunny Day to all.

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