Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just A Little Bible Talk

Do these problems and issues every go away?  I had a dear friend in my office yesterday.  She was standing next to one of my three bookcases and then she asked, "Have you read all these books?"  I said "yes".  Just a simple yes and my mine starts wandering...."Marriage and Family," "Hope Unseen", "Bless this House" "Baby's First Year", "The Blessing","You Gotta Keep Dancin'" "The Pursuit of God" "Practice the Presence of God", "Understanding People"...and the list goes on and on.  Half my life of reading books fill the many shelves in this home and I have read them all, but did the problems ever go away?  Did hope fade when turbulence hit harder than last time?  Is this a blessed house when I am running late getting three boys out the door for school and acting crazy with statements like, "Finish your breakfast.  Get your socks on. Where is your lunch box? I am making the coffee and who fed the dog?" Am I really "dancin" when I stand in front of the frig and wonder what am I going to make for the boy's lunches today? 

Am I "Understanding People" any better today since I read that book?  I have read all these books and yet there they sit, read once and never to be visited again.  Many books handed down or given to me and a few I purchased on my own, but each time I read, I journal , I pray and there is that hope that I will come away a better informed person on the mysteries of life.  The mysteries of life produce questions and thousands of book in print to help us understand all those mysteries.  Then there is one book I can't find today. I forgot where I was sitting when I read it last.  Was I at the dining room table?  The breakfast table? Or sitting in bed?  Those are my three favorite spots for reading this book. It does not ever make it on a shelf and collect dust, once read.

I open the pages in the car while waiting in car line. Lord show me in this moment a passage for the next few hours.  I open the pages in the kitchen while the boys play and dinner is started. Lord show me some more to get me through the evening.  I think you know what I am talking about.  One book, a book that, for some, does get tossed up on a shelf and collects dust.

My boys need to have Bible's in school.  The first day of school they collected their Bible's and put them in their backpacks.  Eric came to me the next morning and said, "mama I have a problem with my Bible being at school all day."  I asked him, "why, you are required to have one at school."  He said in such a beautiful sever year old kind of way, "I don't any thing good to read before bed anymore."  Wow, I know he likes to read his Bible, but after one day he missed it.  So I went to the bookstore and bought three new Bibles and had the boys bring their good ones home.

I think all these books, the authors, and my shelves full of Godly wisdom is important, but more important is my time in the Word of God.  Because it is through my daily reading, through out the day, that I can truly can have a blessed house. There is hope, even if it is unseen it is there and I do understand people a whole lot more because of the words that read on the pages of God's Word.  These problems in our life, the issues, they are always there.  Better at times, worse at times, but through reading the Bible daily I do a lot better working through them, smiling a lot more and having a joy that goes into most moments.

So, now where did I read my Bible last? I have three in my house. One in my office, one downstairs and a mini one in my purse, and another in my car. I need to have God's Word poured into me all day. I would be lousy company if I did not have the Holy Spirit speaking to me through these words.  May the God of the Bible be pouring into your heart as you open those pages to meet Him. Love and Blessing, elizabeth


  1. Thank you for these words today - for this bit of wisdom shared.

    Sometimes, when I read your blog, I get a sense of what the bible means when it instructs older women to teach and train the younger. I feel I am learning from you. :)

  2. My heart just melts when to know that the older can teach the younger. It's God's design, not mine.


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