Saturday, May 28, 2011

Some Things Never Change

Some things never change.  Ever since Ethan could stand on two little wobbly chubby legs he would hold onto the edge of the stage and watch. He was deaf, barely able to see over the top.  He paid attention to every detail, every instrument, and every musician. He learned their mannerisms and he new if a drummer had been traded out.  Elliot and Emily had the blessing of being part of worship teams in both the church and high school, and many  various performances once out of high school so Ethan had many opportunities to watch and observe.

Some things never change.  Sitting in the front row of church is a neccessity. Even now that he has been hearing for the better part of five of his nine years he wants to do all the same. Observe, listen, take in every detail.  He learned to play the drums by watching. He is now learning how to play the piano.  Last night was a first for him. He got to be an assistant a his first concert. First assistant is what I called him. He carefully laid all the programs on all the seats in the Concert Hall.  He set up the beverage table and even sold beverages. He wore the money keeper bag and checked in with me. Even told me when a boy took a water bottle and would not pay.  I told him that God would work on his heart not him.  Once the concert started, he walked ever inch of the building seeing that things were in place.  Seeing that things were as they should be.  And then the music started.  I sat a few rows back wondering where he had gone.  What was I thinking.  Some things never change.  That picture is the picture I have watched since he was one years old.  At the foot of the stage dreaming of one day when he will be up there.

He asked last night if he could play just one song on his drums. He was ready to pack them up and bring them. I told him that all performers must learn how to work at the concerts before the privilege of performing ever comes, as well as growing up a couple of more years.  What a blessing to have a young man so passionate about music. Even being deaf, long before he could hear the orchestration of instruments he sat and watched. He knew instinctively there was something special about those who stood on that stage and even today, last night...some things never change.


  1. This is precious, Elizabeth. What a great little man you're growing! I imagine he'll be joining his big sister some day. Hope the concert went well. You know I'd be there if I lived closer.

    Keep growing that family! Love you.


  2. Very cool! Music is in his heart and soul!


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