Thursday, May 26, 2011

How We Do A Rainy Day

I was really beginning to wonder how I was going to keep three active boys busy on yet another rainy afternoon. I have had it up to my eyeballs with the entire house being used as a jungle gym and longed for those days when their sister Emily would sit at the table and paint for hours, literally, pages and pages painted with lovely music in the back round.  I stopped at the craft store and let the boys choose two wooden objects to paint. They each chose a birdhouse and a dinosaur.  I thought this would be our rainy day afternoon activity.  We came inside, had our snack and then quietly everyone went off into their own little space.  I looked at the clock and realized an hour and fifteen minutes had passed. I could hear most of them. A quiet hum, crayons coloring, all three in their own quiet world of play.  I grabbed my camera and wondered the house and here is how these boys roll.
Emerson is his room, in the middle of his floor with every toy he owns on the floor. Laying on the floor playing quietly.  You can hear him before rounding the corner into his room as his world of play requires many voices of the characters in his imagination.

 This is my space. I have been reading up on a new medication I am taking. Writing in my journal and just found a book to loan a friend.  I like myspace because it is truly my own space in a house with many rooms.
 Eric stays in close proximity.  He can entertain himself for hours with one Lego kind of mechanical toy.  He will be talking and asking questions of some imaginary "guy" and I will answer and always he says..."mom I was not talking to you."  haha
Ethan was a little harder to find. Tucked away on the top bunk reading.  I am sure he will have this book finished before night sets in.  I think he has the perfect idea for a gray and rainy afternoon. I think it's funny that all the crafty things we purchased have not even been pulled out, and dare I ask if the boys even remember that I bought them I did buy some pretty papers for myself to play around with. I may take pictures of before and after. The papers were 40% off and so who knows how I will use them.

Enjoy the day. Love and Blessings, elizabeth

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  1. What a wonderful day you had Elizabeth. Of course the three of us here were thrilled to have the rain back. We will probably be the only family that complains when the hot weather of August gets here. Much love to you always.



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