Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Silly Rainy Day in Portland

"Oh Lordy my legs are burning!" said Elizabeth
"What ever made you think to go and do that?" asked David.
"I don't know, I was tired of the rain and wanted to pretend it was a sunny day." said Elizabeth

I spent the first half of the day indoors.  Watching the rain drip from the green lush leaves, the roof tops, from Eddy's nose when he came inside. I cleaned around the house. I laid on the bed for an hour and read a thick Curious George Collection of Stories from cover to cover to Emerson. I wandered on Facebook. Even had a legitimate conversation via instant message on Facebook. All in the name of another rainy day. I wore sweat pants and my shirt I wore yesterday because it never got dirty.  Blah rain, rain go away.

It was early out day for the boys. So just after lunch I went and picked them up. Listening to the forecast of possible thunder showers I thought what now Lord. What do I do with these boys. They need to get their move on and I am just not sure how to do that with the skies continuing to unleash this down pour.  The boys jumped into the car. I was secretly praying they were dumped with homework which would take hours. No such luck. Nothing. They wanted to know what kind of adventures we were going on.  I said I was thinking and the thought jumped into my head.

"Boys we are going home and getting our raincoats and play shoes and going downtown to the waterfront"
Cheers broke out in the car.  Wipers working overtime.  We stopped at home. Loaded up on granola bars, bottled water and off we went.  We parked as far south as we could by the Pilzer Room so we could make the long walk and get lots of exercise.  We stopped and rented the the four seater bikes with the covered top with fringe.

Last time I pedaled one of these David was with me and even then it was hard. I asked the dude if he thought I could manage this thing on my own. I told him I would not be offended by his answer. He seriously sized me up and then said "I would not mind paying my employee an extra hour to peddle for you. He was just getting ready to go home." Okay I lied I was brutally offended.  I smiled and said I would manage just fine and I did. But man oh man even now hours later an hour and fifteen minutes of pedaling that thing and my legs burn. Going up and down the stair is a chore.

The boys and I had a BLAST in the pouring rain riding along the water front. Bridges going up crossing over the Steel Bridge. I kicked myself a few times for not thinking to bring a camera. Only in Portland does a mother do this kind of thing in the middle of a rainy week. When we were done we stopped and got a slice of pizza and called it a day.

So take that you silly rainy day in Portland


  1. Love that. Sounds like a great day in the beautiful northwest!

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  3. (I messed up on my comment, so I had to delete and rewrite it.)

    I'm glad you were able to rise above the relentless rain, and turn the drenching day into
    an awesome adventure for all! However, I must confess: I am so glad to be away from that climate of continually depressing weather.

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun!!! You totally rock to be able to ride a bike hauling kids especially for an hour! I'm impressed!


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