Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Am Only Human

Why do we often qualify our imperfections with statements like this..."well I am human" or " nobodies perfect" or "only Jesus walks in perfection" or "God does not expect us to be perfect" or or or or....

Listen to what others are saying around you. Listen to what I may say too. Are we excusing our behaviors that hurt others, that disregard what we know by phrases such as these?

I often wonder how God will deal with us in Heaven when when we hurt others, oops...I am only human. God knows our hearts, our intentions, and our lack of self control in those areas of our lives that we continue to fail in. He gives us the portion we need to get through it and yet even then it's an oops I am only human kind of mistake.

Mistakes and actions with the intent to be right, the intent to hurt another, the intent to prove another 's wrongs are just plain mean. Really what excuse do we have when we know the Word of God. The Truth in many situations in our lives that keep us from being closer to Him. I wonder if when we stand before Him, and we are being held accountable for our actions what God might say if we look at him face to face and say...I am only human and shrug our shoulders. Or sorry God you made me imperfect.

I am working on this in my life. Trying not to excuse the actions in my life as an act of me being made human, imperfect, and flawed. God does redeem us from the inside out if we will allow. We have the promise of the Holy Spirit going before us and after us in all things which allows us to posture ourselves as a child of God. A perfect God.

Just thinking this evening of my actions towards others that if I really think about it I can, as a daughter of Christ be mindful of, and be an example of Jesus that others may see Him in me.

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  1. Okay, this is "funny"! Why? Because I am dealing with my feelings towards someone who is determined to call me PERFECT. I realized why it bothered me so much... if they think I am perfect, they are not seeing (or choosing not to see) God's amazing ability to take this "human" and have them be able to make it through one day at a time. So wanting to glorify God! Wishing others could see that... but partly I guess that is up to them, too!


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