Thursday, October 7, 2010


I am someone who lives every day with HOPE. My hope is in knowing intimately who God is in my life. A relationship that is between God and me. Often others do not understand it, or get it, but I don't need any one person to understand me. I would hope that my life would cause a person to desire and know Him more because of me.

When my heart aches I can focus my thoughts and my will towards Him. I can open the Bible and ask God to show me who to be in a situation that has me hurting, baffled, misunderstood, blamed, and falsely accused. There have been many times when my lack of "breaking down" has concerned people because apparently I should be breaking down. Life and circumstances give me reasons to, but here I sit or stand before God and asking the questions to Him of what next Lord. I have hope in a situation because He is my Lord and Savior. I can't have hope in a person. People will always fail on some level. I will fail others on many levels, although that would never be my intentions.

So today my heart explodes with joy over events and circumstances, and in the next breath is breaking over another situation. Two situations that HOPE will be the gauge of my heart. Hope will lead me, and direct my paths. Hope in the name of the Lord, Hope in Him, Hope for tomorrow and the days to come.

Dear Sisters in Christ, I ask how HOPE delivers your heart from the difficult task of being Jesus. Knowing that the Holy Spirit will go before you if you ask, and trusting in the HOPE of Him delivering on your request.

I have seen God work miracles around me in the past few months. My faith has not been shaken. I may have taken a few wrong turns, and yet God has shown me how to get back on a path of His Will in my life. It is my desire to recognize Him, the hope of His plans for my life and the joy in knowing Him even when the path is difficult.

Sometimes it's like I am in the mountains on this beautiful trail. Plugging along and enjoyingn the freshness of the air, the beauty of blue sky, and then without looking up a branch tangles my hair, or catches my glasses, and knocks me on my butt. I tumble off the trail, down a few feet, caught in brambles and lose sight of th trail. There dangling are those big black glasses of mine. I pick myself up, shake off the brambles, take a deep breath of that fine air and get moving back on the trail. Whew! I hope that you get the picture. Perhaps it may look simular to yours.

Rest on that trail, in Him, and do not let that dangling branch send you backwards. I love how God shows up, removes the branch, grabs my hands and sends me down His perfect path. I have hope just like that. Dear Lord, thanks for being my HOPE in all things.


  1. Elizabeth, your life makes me trust my Lord even more. I love you!

  2. How I love when you open your heart and share what the Lord has done. It truly makes my day! I may not always see the hope at the time of the event, but I certainly see it after. And to be honest, I do not always shed the tears that others expect from me either. For a long time I felt something was wrong with me, but now I look at it differently. May the Lord continue to guide you and bless you in this wonderful life He gave you. Much love.

  3. Elizabeth! Your life shines with the love of our Christ! I cannot tell you just how precious your friendship is to me and the fact that we can rejoice, cry and chat til the 'cows come home' blesses me beyond measure. Love you!!


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