Friday, September 24, 2010

New Friendships

These are the faces of the precious women I spent the weekend with. I love the wisdom they share, the quiet moments with Jesus and the fellowship of hearts who long to know HIM more.

Are you kind of fearful of new friends in your life? I know that I am. Most people might be surprised by that. Knowing me and my love and passions for the hearts of women, and I am fearful in new situations. I know the reasons. I know that I don't always make such a good friend. I have a family which is my first priority and often my priorities are misunderstood. I will cancel a coffee date to stay home with a child who is having issues, and I don't always return a phone call or text in a timely manner. For those reason's I don't make such a good friend, so expanding my friendship to others is a challenge unless.........

Unless you want a friend who will drop everything to pray over your heart and circumstance. A friend who will have you in my home any time of day to have that coffee. Really how can you cancel when it's in your own home. A friend who will come along and help, behind the scenes so you can shine.

This past weekend I made some new friends at a women's retreat. I loved hearing their hearts share of life and how they relate to life and what God means to each of them. It is kind of scary, if you let it, speaking to strangers about what God happens to put on your heart to share. It's a vulnerable place and yet God shows up and I have come away with some precious and new friends.


  1. I love knowing you will cancel if your kids need you. You know I will cancel if my child needs me. I figured a friendship is also one that truly understands that. I also know if I send out a prayer request that you will be praying. There is comfort in knowing that someone is there but isn't if that makes any sense. Much love to you today Elizabeth.

  2. So good to read these words. Sometimes I am hard on myself because I think I should not be insecure... ever! But my heart is just as vulnerable as the next! My priorities are similar to yours... I always feel that my prayers are the best thing I could ever give.


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