Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And the story continues....

On the way to school this morning Ethan wanted me to count his family members. Given his new introduction to his biological dad and sister, I wanted to gauge who exactly he was wanting to be calling "family". So I said asked him to name everyone and I would count. So he started:

Papa, Mommy, my dad, Elliot, Emily, Eric, Emerson, Matt and Megan, mom-mom, pop-pop, my new grandpa that is my dad's dad that I haven't met, his wife, and Eddie our dog.

Last night his dad called before bed time and his face lit up. He later came and told me his dad is taking EVERYONE out for pizza on Friday. I know he did not quite get the story and will clear things up with him, but it's a new season in our family and I will not deny the transition being confusing and hard at times, but an 8 year old gets what an 8 year old gets and we adults don't have to try to hard to see that Ethan is okay with things for now.

I have received many encouraging emails around the subject of my past few blogs. I want to thank those of you who get that this is a transition and as a family we are working to make this work in way that not only brings Glory to a Marvelous God, but gives Ethan the answers to understand his world. I have also received some very mean spirited emails. I have not responded to those because my life is not a debate of good and bad. My life is about the grace, the forgiveness, and the love God is pouring into my life. My life, on my own, apart from God produced lifelong issues. I am blessed each day over the amazingness of God and His blessings poured into my life. My life, a life that chooses to not only accept my part in the sins of my past but my life that will bring Glory to a God who delivers and redeems my heart.
God shows up in my life everyday and it's basically where the title of my blog comes from. I want to embrace my life as God has shown me. I want to pour hope into those who read my blog, who perhaps have stepped away from God, or have never met Him and believe they are not worthy of His presence in your life because of past sin. You are worthy and He is just waiting for you to step out boldly and accept His forgiveness and His grace for your life. That is what my life is about. That is why I share so honestly what my life looks like.

I look at this picture of Ethan with his dad, and his sister and anyone who knows Ethan will cry to see this face of happiness. Ethan has had to overcome much in his young life with being deaf. He even had to work through his anger towards God for not giving him ears that work. And Ethan is truly the blessing God wants him to be.

Thanks Lord Jesus you came to save the lost and found me. I love you!


  1. I'm so very proud of you friend. I can completely believe the meanness of people! Honestly, judgment is a new, favorite pastime of people, Christians being some of the worst! God forgive us for not offering grace to others. It's a huge tragedy, and I'm so sorry that some are choosing to be unkind to you and your family.

    You're living a good faith, and God is in this. I don't know how you're doing this (well, I do know), but still I'm amazed at your capacity to give into the situation and allow God his hand in the matter. Keep me posted, and if ever you need a listening ear, you know I'm here.


  2. Elizabeth... I am so sorry about the mean-spirited e-mails. As far as I'm concerned... you are the "real deal" and you know that I know what the "real deal" is... so you know that you are. I love you! And I think you are wise to not respond. You are in my prayers, my sister!

  3. WOW- mean spirited emails-
    YOU, my friend, have the heart of David...
    REAL, Open, Raw... leaning fully on God-
    We can all learn from you!


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