Friday, May 7, 2010

Attention Delayed Hindering Duties (ADHD)

( I wrote this blog post a couple of weeks ago. Now I am back on a rainy Saturday and rather than post my thoughts for today I will post those of a couple of weeks back.)

Today was new shoes and pots & pans day. I did not know today would produce such delights but it started out like this.

It is the first beautiful sunny day in our area. A day that required a nice long walk with the dog, emerson and a little friend we watch. Emerson decided we needed a map. I had just picked up yesterday's mail and gave him the Macy's catalog and off we went. Emerson guided us through the streets of sheets, pots & pans, and shoes. Our walked lasted about 45 minutes and we were home. It was a delightful walk with the chit chat of little people hopping, jumping and skipping. The kids played outside while I attempted to clean a little in the garage. Much like an ADHD (Attentioned Delayed Hindering Duties) kind of mom the catalog proved to more interesting.

I found the pots and pans I have been looking at for two year on sale at 50% off. I then found a cute pair of summer shoes. And the red suede sofa was also at it's lowest I have ever seen it priced. I tore the pictures out of the catalog and then called my husband. Pots & Pans-yes, shoes-yes, sofa-no. Two out of three is not bad. We don't really need the sofa, but I can keep hoping one day it lands in my living room. Now I have my new cookware and shoes for the summer.

So much for attempting to work on the garage. My husband drops subtle hints as to the progress in the garage. It's a bunch of stuff I have to go through. Sorry honey your two yeses put that project on hold yet another day. I love when new things come along. Happy Day.

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