Monday, August 24, 2009


Oh Monday, it's a day just a couple of weeks before school. It is to be the day to start getting our lives back into some structure, some kind of schedule. Practice getting up earlier, getting ourselves moving and start a routine.

So, it began with a bolt of love, which is what I call the boys when they are up at 6:30am wanting to get dressed and get moving with the day. Out of five kids, four are all early morning kind of kids. I have never been an early riser. I think for my adult life, being a mom since I was 21 years old, I basked in the quiet of the evenings when the world was quiet. Those later nights were for catching up on housework, reading, and putting around with just the sounds of a house sleeping.

I am older now and those later nights don't come so easy. I am typically in bed around 9pm, reading just a little or catching up on the news of the day. But even then with an early to bed, I still can't jump with joy at 6:30am. My coffee needs to be brewed and I would like to sit in quiet, but my world is never quiet.

I ran David to catch his bus this morning, and then went to care for a friend's dog with all three boys in tow. They were all chatting with each other with mouths full of muffins they grabbed on the way out. Two of the boys in only their undies. It's kind of cute that they are still just little boys with very little cares of the world.

In the noise of the car, I could take a moment to reflect on the message of church yesterday. I have been rehearsing four words in my head for the last 24 hours. I am not sure what the title of the message was but this is what I landed on. Four words:
Worship, Obedience, Repentance and Grace. Jose Zayas is well equipped to deliver the message of our christian walk. His life as an Evangelist takes him around the world preaching and teaching the gospel and it's a gift when he lands on the stage of our church. He is direct with his delivery of accountability to our calling. Using the Word of God to bring clarity and understanding. These four words are what he spoke on. Are we living out our christian faith in Worship, ongoing, to the most amazing God? Are we mindful of our actions, being obedient to the God of our lives? Are we accountable and able to repent when we have messed up, and also hold our brothers and sisters accountable? And are we extending grace or just judgements to our brothers and sisters when they mess up?

If I were the kind of person who tattooed my body I seriously would mark these four words on the palms of my hands. I need this kind of reminder to be a constant in my thought process, my actions, my words spoken. Am I teaching my children to also do the same? It's a huge responsibility in my life, but at the end of the day I want my life to be as much like Jesus.

So, for a day like today I don't start with structure in the home, I start with structure in my heart to be mindful of Worship, Obedience, Repentance and Grace. Okay now for something cool. If we are to GROW in our walk with Jesus these four words if arranged spell that. Grace, Repentance, Obedience, Worship. Are you GROWing in your walk with Jesus today?

Dear Lord Jesus, You are a holy compassionate God. Your Grace is to be modeled. Help me to be mindful of the way in which I hurt you and others and come to you with a heart of Repentance. I want to be Obedient to your callings in my life and I will Worship you through out all the days of my life.

Take a moment to GROW in your walk with our Lord Jesus!!!!


  1. Oh how I miss those late nights, when the house was at rest and I could get a million things done in the time it took to do one during the day! Good luck getting back into your routine. Hope you can stop by for an update I posted today. I'm hoping to blog more in the coming weeks. Blessings, Melinda.

  2. I'll never think of the word GROW the same again. Thanks for sharing that! I pray that I will be GROWing every day!

  3. It all begins with the obedience to come and worship at the feet of our Lord. There we find our repentance and the lavish grace he so lovingly dispenses. GROW is a good acronym for the journey.

    As for me, I've been wearing my rubber "faith" bracelet for days now. It's a touchstone for me, reminding me of my need to practice more faith, ask for more faith, walk in more faith in this season of my life. I have a pitiful "lack" of it some seasons, and God has profoundly confronted me about it in a recent time of repentance.

    I just love it when the Word of God actually makes its way into my will.

    Thanks for sending a friend my way. Wish we could "for real" walk the road alongside one another.



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