Tuesday, August 25, 2009

They Want Me

Last night I was in bed thinking as I do before drifting off to sleep. This is what went through my mind.

They want me to sing with them.
They want me to answer all their questions.
They want me to make cookies with them.
They want me to read to them.
They want to read to me.
They want me to dress them up and then help take the dress up off.
They want me to tell them that what they are wearing looks good or not.
They want to be in my space all the time.
They want help getting things off high shelves.
They want me to get them a drink of water.
They want me to color with them.
They want me to feed them.
They want me to help untangle knots.
They want me to pray with them.
They want me to help them understand why a bus is shaped like that.
They want me to help them understand why a stranger is wearing black shoes today.
They want me to explore a bug, a slug, an ant, a spider, a grasshopper with them.
They want me to hang on the phone as they break open their hearts.
They want me to come to the movie so I might offer to pay.
They want to sit up late at night with friends to talk about everything.
They want me to come along for a late night coffee.
They want me to answer a text just to say so.
They want to snuggle in bed and watch a movie late at night.
They want to know if I am busy and I pretend I am not.
They want me to love what they love and so I do.
They want me to edit and assist because they think I am smarter.
They want me to be there even if I don't know where there is.

I lay in bed thinking all of these things and then tears rolled down my cheeks with the next thought. Is this what God means when He says we are to be like children. Is this what God wants is for us to want Him? I could not stop crying to think what God must feel like when we truly come to Him for everything. I know how wonderful and often exhausting it is to be wanted by my children, but it's beautiful to know that my children want me, their mother. What must our Heavenly Father feel to know that we want to pick Him apart for everything in our lives. I want you God.


  1. Nicely said. He just wants us to want Him. Seeking Him for Him and not for what he can give us. Thank you Elizabeth.

  2. This is a beautiful post! "I, too, want you God!"


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