Monday, August 17, 2009


Is it to much to find the blessings that God has for us in each day? Is life so weighted down that our lense is foggy and we are not able to get a glimpse of His goodness? I have been working daily to have a focus which is downward. Downward? Well that sounds depressing does it not? Downward for me is a physical act of my head looking down into His Word and also bowing my head in prayer. My lenses become fuzzy with too much looking up and around. And we all are called to stay focused up and around. Goodness, downward looking while driving a car could be disastrous.

The Bible, God’s Word is filled with so many promises of hope that I must take a moment or several moments each day to look down into the Word of God. My focus becomes clear and my heart is less heavy.

This past week I was met with a moment that is what I call a mental fork in the road. One fork leads to a response of the flesh, and the other fork is a response of what Jesus would have me do. Funny that the act of my flesh requires very little thought. The act of doing what Jesus would have me to be is a two point downward act. Not just going to the Bible, but going to Him in prayer.

I excused myself from dinner around dessert time and went to have a good cry. Something I am not ashamed of. A good cry is always good for cleansing a lot of things. I then sat on my bed and said “okay God it’s just you and me”. I have been working my way through the Psalms this past month. This verse was perfect for this moment and I always believe God’s timing in a new passage is perfect timing, I mean we are talking about perfection when speaking of God, so I think the same with His timing.

Psalm 5:12
“You who blesses a righteous man, O Lord. You surround him with favor as with a shield.”

Dear Lord,
My heart wants to delight in You. As I watch campers enjoying this week my heart is so very blessed. I watch David enjoying himself, laughing, relaxing and truly in this moment of my hurt I do not want to rob or be robbed of the blessings you have for me, and for us as a couple. Thank you for the emotional strength you are giving me. Expose only the genuine joy you give me for the rest of our time here. Your word has given me this blessing of hope. Amen!!!

He blesses and He knows the intentions of my heart. Sitting and knowing the blessing and the promise in this one verse. Downward praying and reading and giving me the confidence of His promise, His favor, and His shield around my heart.

I was able to join our group. I walked outside and there between the clouds a rainbow. I thought of all the time and places a promise demonstrated in full color. I knew my husband would be worried and when he saw my face, even he was a little surprised. I was in full favor radiating God’s interventions once again into my heart, mind, and soul. Something very precious I would have missed had I not been physically facing downward.

Big or small God knows it all. He just wants us to come to Him, and there He has the blessings to give. And as the week finished up I truly could see His handiwork as I chose to seek a little more of Him and less of my flesh. It’s not easy, this we all know, but pretty much the actions of my flesh get me into all kinds of trouble so that delay in response, taking time to think, and then choosing that fork in the road that leads me to Him, the cross, and a bit more favor is something to smile over. Downward is really not so bad after all.


  1. So glad I can still read your thoughts in bloggy world :O) so glad you and David found renewal together :)

  2. Love this Elizabeth. You know, it made me think about how much the devil would delight in you choosing the fleshly path when faced with a fork in the road. And when you embraced prayer and relationship and sought strength through the Holy Spirit... he just HATES that and it makes him flee. I say GOOD for you, girlfriend. I am glad the rest of your time was blessed. I, too, seem to have been challenged with many "forks" like that lately. I haven't always choosen wisely. But when I have- it absolutely changes everything around and brings the peace that only HE can deliver.

  3. I call them my "snot cries"; honestly, who of us doesn't need one from time to time. I've hosted my fair share over the past week; now I'm done with them, at least for the next hour.

    Here's where the road divides between you and most of the rest of the world; when your cry came, you went down to God, deep down; not to simply soothe your ache but to find your healing. When we stop short of the "deep down" we minimize the process of what God intends to do in our hearts/lives. You're taking it seriously. Most of us don't.

    You are my hero today. I mean that. I want to be like you the next time my "snot cry" takes root.

    Love you.


  4. "Funny that the act of my flesh requires very little thought." So true! Strong, direction-full words... thank you for sharing them... even while you are on vacation.

  5. That was really good. I will be thinking quite a bit about looking downward. I love the end of this post when your husband looked to see if you were okay and he could see the joy on your face, that must of been such an awesome moment. I too will be looking downward more often.

  6. Elizabeth!! NO!- don't tell me you didn't like your front load washer and dryer!! Are you saying I'm going to want my top loaders back!?! EEK!!! I have to say- I do NOT like the "feature" where you canNOT add any more laundry after you start the cycle. That totally stinks. But, listen, girlfriend... 28 bath towels... 28!!! That's a lot of laundry in one load. I do love that. And only using 1/3 the amount of water kinda rocks, too. We'll see. Tonight i'm going to try the "delay cycle" option and have my wash go at 3 a.m. instead of starting it now... I'm feeling soooo risque. Totally psyched for that. (why? I have no idea.)


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