Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jewelry Blessings

Last Saturday I had a few women over. Emily was came downstairs all dressed up to ask the opinion of her outfit and if it was appropriate for being on stage. She was part of worship the following Sunday and got this new blouse that was over the top gorgeous. Very much out of her normal attire, thus questioning if it was appropriate. It had a conservative plunging neck line. Conservative by today's standards, but not so much by Emily's standards. All the ladies in the room were in aw of her outfit and we all agreed a necklace would look nice. Only she did not having anything. She will be playing three bluegrass songs for our church's celebration in two weeks, so we all said this outfit should be saved for that event. It really was very fun, but may be a little distracting with the bold prints for a time of worship. I love that she is sensitive in this way.

Today I went to visit a friend. She was one of the gals from Saturday night. Today she blessed me with all of this jewelry she had made for Emily and a couple of things for me. All of the colors are perfect for what Emily wears. This woman attends our church and has watched Emily up front for months, making it easy to choose the best colors and designs for Emily and her personality.

I am always searching for reading glasses that I have put down somewhere, so she blessed me with a beautiful beaded glass holder necklace thing that is in colors that I wear all the time. I am sitting here very blessed and humbled by the generosity of someone who has very little. I am not gifted in this area of craft at all. I mean I have tried, collected a few beads over time, but never able to pull something like these pictures and ended up moving on to something I was better at.

How do I take time to bless others with my gifts? What gifts do I have to share? As I drove home I was taking inventory of just this. I started thinking of my friendships and the blessings, often very different from one person to the next, and smiled. I know I can host in my home, feed lots of people, and offer childcare, but when it comes to crafty stuff I check out. We all don't need to be the same, but we should think about how we are doing. Today Dawn did amazing in how she blessed our family. Doesn't it make you feel so special when someone does something just for you, and with you in mind?

I am going to make a list of friends I want to bless in the next month. A small challenge for a stay home mom like me. It may mean that some things get left undone, but knowing how I feel today I want to pass along the blessings.


  1. A lovely friend to offer you the work of her hands. I'm not crafty at all, so I have to be more creative in my giving to others. We each have something to share; for me, many days I choose to send notes to others. It sort of "fits" with me.

    On another note, I don't often wear necklaces, but those earrings would be a perfect fit!


  2. Sometimes just a quick, "Boo" does wonders, too!

  3. WOW! Those necklaces are gorgeous. And your friend is such a thoughtful and kind person.

    Thank you so much for leaving me such an insightful comment today. And, after reading your post today, I think I'll take up the challenge to find ways to bless my friends too.

  4. These are beautiful. What wonderful things you friend has made for you with love. I too am not crafty so my blessings are definitely in other areas. Don't forget your blog. I am always blessed when I come here to read what you posted and I am equally as blessed by the time you take to comment on what I have had to say. You are truly a blessing to all of us out there.

    Enjoy your friend who blessed you with this jewelry. It does indeed feel wonderful to be blessed by a friend.

  5. I think, Elizabeth, you would be amazed if you really looked closely at all those lives you touch every day...


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