Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eric the merric

I have wanted to blog about Eric for the past couple of weeks. It's birthday season in our house and I really should be blogging on Emerson who turned three in February, but yesterday was Eric's birthday and so his name is at the top of the list.

Eric is the forgotten child. He does not mind on most days. When he was two years old we had a family meeting with the older kids. Basically to say that we each need to take time each day to draw Eric out. Eric is so content and happy wherever he is. He demands very little from anyone. Thus very easy to forget about. He is articulate. Always has been. He takes the world in, and then spits it back out in his own creative way. If left to himself he would be fine all day long. He is a lover of life, every single part of it and does not miss a beat. He goes off into his own world of play. Often I will respond to something he is saying and he lets me know he was not talking to me. Sometimes I even tease him a little knowing he is in his world of imagination and still responding to him.

He loves like no other. Loves and lets you know it, loves with his words, his arms, and his genuine acts of kindness. He's fair, he's a peacemaker. He is passionate to learn more about Jesus, what He might think or feel.

I have said for years that Eric is a carbon copy of his oldest brother Elliot. I was told on many occasions that Elliot was autistic. Elliot, like Eric will pull away from the crowd and watch. Eric, like Elliot is a friend to the down and out. This is about Eric, but perhaps had I not had Elliot I would have fallen into the labels placed on children who seem to appear a little off. Now at five years old Eric is Eric and no one would think him to be off. He is just one of those kids who finds passion, concentration, and excitement for what he is doing. He will go into long explanations of what is going on in his head concerning a project he is working on.

My most precious times of each day is quiet time. Emerson naps,Ethan is in school and so Eric has me all to himself for the better part of two hours. I need to have some down time too, so often this time is used for reading time. Eric gets to choose as many books as he wants, which is typically 4 or 5 books. We read together and then he hangs onto his special blanket and I will read my own book. Within minutes he is off into sleepy-land snuggled close to me.

Eric is five years old and is so amazing. Each child is so different. Eric has a calm temperament and most people find him to be so delightful. Never pressing on a nerve. I love that Eric does know when to assert himself. He is in between to very willful brothers and he is no push over.

Eric, papa was reminding you last night, while we ate our clown ice cream cones from B&R that you were so calm when you were first born. Kids love hearing over and over their birth story. Even today you are so calm. I love you, love who you are today, and pray over who you will become with each passing month. The world may not always be nice, but Jesus will protect your heart always.

Can a mother have greater joy than to watch her children growing up and enjoying life. Happy 5Th Birthday Eric.


  1. hey... your ERIC and I share the same birthday. He MUST be an awesome kid. :-)

    Tell him Happy Birthday from the stranger blogger friend of his mommy's... and that he must be really COOL to have be born on March 30!

    AND I just posted about another verse from Proverbs 31. you will have to check it out... and compare notes.

    Love you and your insights.

  2. Happy Birthday (a bit late) to Eric. He is a handsome young man. He sounds very special and I am sure if I was able to meet him we would be friends. I pray that he always follows his passion and his love for Jesus grows deeper with each year.

  3. A Belated Happy Birthday to Eric. He really sounds like a wonderful little boy.

  4. This was such a beautiful post. My DD#2, now 16, was much like Eric when she was little. Lots of people tried to tell me she was autistic, including my own mother. Everyone was convinced there was something wrong with her. I knew she was just herself, and now at 16 she is the calmest and most level-headed member of our family. She's also one of the more outgoing ones too.

    Happy Birthday Eric!

  5. Elizabeth, I was SOOOO HAPPY to see that you signed in last night. I've not checked in on MANY that I used to visit daily. I'm finding it hard to do everything I need to do in a day.. it's CRAZY how time on the computer can seem like only 15 minutes when it's really been an hour.

    At any rate.. I was thankful for your kind comment. What I posted yesterday was NOT easy. I'm NOT a "get in your face" kind of person. I'll worry myself SICK when I've not said anything at all, thinking that something I said MIGHT have been misinterpreted. The truth is, it breaks my heart to visit blogs that are all, "GOD, GOD, GOD... JESUS, JESUS, JESUS" and in their next breath they're swearing like a sailor. I'm far enough along in my walk with Christ that things like this don't make me stumble, but the woman I was talking about has a HUGE following and she has no idea how many she might cause to doubt or turn away. (I personally know a couple of people that think all Christians are hypocrites and I know it's because MANY Christians look like the WORLD rather than JESUS)

    Anyway, it was WONDERFUL to find you again. (I still remember a post you made that had me in stitches! I even emailed it to my sister! You were talking about telling your hubby that you were "board" and he wrote you back correcting your spelling) YOU, my friend, are a HOOT! (I'll be using spell-check myself before posting this.. hehehe)

    I hope you have a WONDERFUL week!
    ♥ You,

  6. LOVE the Woody costume! Happy birthday to Eric--he is a special little guy.

  7. What a precious young Eric. Looks a bit likej "Woody" in this picture!

    I have to be intentional about spending private time with each of my kids. The younger ones are very different in personality and preference. Their daddy is a great fit for them both; I just love being able to share the "load" of parenting this time around.

    My husband teaches me a lot of investing into the lives of all of our children.

    Happy Birthday, Eric!


  8. Happy Birthday to Eric. He sounds like an awesome kid. Yummy clown cones. It doesn't get much better than this. Adorable picture of an adorable boy.

    Is B&R Baskin Robbins? I didn't know they have clown cones if it is.


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