Saturday, April 4, 2009

One More Last Time

Today I had just one child with me as I strolled through the parking lot of Target. This little had reaches into mine and says..."one more last time mommy"...I looked down at Emerson, his white blond and very straight hair reflecting the sunshine, and I asked what was "one more last time". He's three, articulates well with his precious lisp and says..."hugs and kisses mommy. When it's night time you say just one more last time".

Oh how my heart melted. It's true. By days end I am tired, and with three sometimes for children to tuck in (even Emily will call me into her room for a tuck-in)those one mores can turn into plenty of more and many minutes later. I do say things like boys one more time, and this time it is the last.

I want many more of those "one more last time" moments because there will come a day when those do end. Ethan informed me, just this week, that kissing on the mouth is only for married people. That precious puckered kiss, that last time, and appropriate given his age. Often our children decide when that last time is and as parents we respectfully follow.

As I walked hand in hand with Emerson my youngest of five I smiled. Realizing how many more times I will have with him before it's a last time. I did error on last times this past year. Elliot reminded me of his need to be recognized and praised in his accomplishments. I do that with all the kids all through out life, but with him gone the hugs, good jobs, and I am proud of you moments are stretched out with visits and phone calls. Over Christmas I shared with Elliot how proud I am with him, and he said something like..."mom, don't let that be the last time I hear that, because I still need that from you and David". One more and I promise it will not be the last time.

It's a precious time when children still want us in their space and I will cherish these all one more time and never the last time. If that makes any kind of sense.


  1. I love the various stages of children growing up. Each with its own precious moments. I loved this post Elizabeth. It warmed my heart.

  2. So well said.
    Brings tears to my eyes.

  3. I don't yet know what its like to have a child grow older but I'm cherishing all our "one more last times". I know one day that he won't want me to cuddle him and squash him and whatever else...

    Great post. You've put into words what I've recently been thinking of.

  4. One more time, that's pretty cool. I know how time flies so I am hoping for you many more one more time's.


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