Thursday, November 27, 2008

It was the touch of the Master's Hand

I have been recovering from a spinal tap since Tuesday.  In some cases it has been a small party on my bed.  Blessed with friends and family, who have been around me enough to know that not only is my front door always open, but if I am in bed, you are welcome to cozy up and chit chat. Elliot and Emily have made me laugh as they have made several facebook video's from my bed in the past 12 hours.  So where to begin?

Has a dear friend every shared something so personal with you, with the freedom to share with others, but for some reason you want to hang onto it for a while and ponder all that it means before sharing?

I have walked through some of the most heart wrenches moments in the past weeks.  In each moment looking to the Word of God, singing praises to the Lord and knowing that He is going to carry me in all my fears of what the future may hold.

This past Sunday the pastors and elders of our church gathered with some friends, my parents, and my older children to pray for healing over my body.  I have said that this was not just a time of healing, but a time of bonding the Holy Spirit deeper into each of our hearts.  I left knowing that in my obedience to God (James 5) healing would come on many different levels. Perhaps not in my body, but in other ways.  I had already experienced some healing in my past, and in my own heart.

David and I went to our Tuesday appointment.  Pressure of spinal fluid was to determine treatment which was to start right away.  Friends calling to step in and help where needed.  Even a dear friend letting me know she would be at my house every single day to help with kids and get Ethan to school when I couldn't. Meals in the freezer frozen for whatever treatment would come.  The results of the spinal tap resulted in slightly elevated pressure.  Not that of the psuedotumor cerebri.  We were immediately scheduled to see the neural opthamologist who said my tests were all normal.  This makes no sense to the doctors and additional spinal fluid was sent out for testing.  When the Doctor said that she would be writing into the report that tests were normal I was speechless.  I had no words. No shouting from the mountain tops.  A sense of quiet that does not come naturally for me.

When David and I got to the elevator he asked if I was okay. I could only say "why me"?  Why me, the touch of the Master's Hand?  As I lay here two days into recovering from a spinal tap I have had the joy of sharing what God has done in my life, and to my body.  There are some very deep things that God has revealed to me.  Things that I am not ready to share.  There has not only been healing in my body, but in my heart that will unfold and I will share in later blogs.

We have a God that can breath on us, He is here with each one of us, and this week this Great Physician touched me.  I am dealing with migraines from this spinal tap, so I am not yet able to do cart wheels, but I am praising our Lord and Savior and look forward to my time of shouting from the Mountain top.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and bless each one of you who have prayed and encouraged me.


  1. You know, I have learned over the years that we ask Him but sometimes we don't really think He will --- and when He does, we are surprised. You didn't seem surprised!!! Thank You Lord, for your healing/

  2. Inexpressible joy!

  3. Praising God with you!!! What an incredible gift for a day of thanksgiving!

  4. Praise The Lord! We serve an awesome God where NOTHING is impossible with Him.

    Rejoicing with you in your healing and speedy recovery from the spinal tap.

  5. This is awesome news. I have been checking here daily and was so happy to read this post. Truly this is a good Thanksgiving.

  6. PTL!! Everytime I thought of you on Tues. (and that was alot) I prayed for you, and asked God to wrap His arms around you and give you a hug. And to give you comfort to know you were not alone, that He was with you. I prayed for strength when you felt the pain.. and the confidence to know you will get through this. I am so thankful to read that you had normal levels.. What a wonderful Thanksgiving gift!!Please keep us informed as to what the next step is.. PRAYING DAILY FOR YOU!! Lis.

  7. What wonderful news and answer to prayer Elizabeth. I'm very happy that the test came back with good results.

  8. it's pretty amazing how even days later I am just not able to get this smile off my face.

  9. As a medical person I would love to hear the details from the beginning. However, I know that it's personal and if you aren't able to share I understand. I'm still praising God for this gift he has given you and your family.
    :) :) :)

  10. I know that I am not the only one who was praying for a miracle for you. It means a lot to me that our prayers in your behalf have been answered.

    There must be something you have yet to do in this life that requires a healthy body. I am so grateful for me, for you, for all of us because it is a re-affirmation that the Lord truly knows us individually and blesses us according to our individual needs.

    I will anxiously await learning more about your miraculous journey.

  11. Oh my...praise God. Oh my...speechless before him tonight!


  12. Hi Elizabeth. I just found your blog and I am praising God for His love for us. You have such a beautiful spirit. Thank you for sharing. God bless you!



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