Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy 21st Birthday Elliot

This young man came into my life 21 years ago. For those of you who have had babies, how does a 45 minute delivery sound? May sound good, but totally eliminated any options for a spinal block.
Elliot has been the delight of my life. He is very passionate about things that are important to him. He wears his emotion on his very stylish sleeves and has never been hindered by what other's may think of him. He will be the first one to extend a hand to a stranger. He is blessed musically and walks in favor and humility of our Lord Jesus. When Elliot was two years old we were crossing a big street. Holding my hand and in the middle of the side walk he told me that he wanted to make sure everyone around him would hear about Jesus. I use to sing to him "into my heart, into my heart, come into my heart Lord Jesus". When he was three years old he asked what that song meant. That day in the car he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. When he was 15 years old and made the decision to be baptized, he referenced that song and said his mother lead him to Christ. I don't say this to draw attention away from Elliot to myself, only to say mother's you may never know the impact you will have on your children's hearts.
Elliot loves to wrestle with his brothers, process his life outward into the wee hours of the night with his sister and seeks council and wisdom from those whose life are a living example around him. He is noted as the question asker from every school he has ever attended. Always asking questions to learn, and for clarity. He walks this home with a guitar in hand and will join a discussion with the beautiful music playing for background. I truly miss that while he is away at school.
How does a mother begin to share the blessings of one fine young man. I only share a little. Enough to know that this is one twenty one year that makes me feel very young as he still believes in holding his mother's hand when crossing in the middle of the street. Happy Birthday Elliot.


  1. What a day to celebrate! Happy 21st Birthday, Elliot! And Happy 21st "becoming-a-mom" day, Elizabeth!

    PS... praying and praying...

  2. He sounds like an awesome young man, and handsome too. Happy Birthday to Elliot.

  3. You are a sweet, sweet mom. Happy birthday to your young man.


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