Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I am a Miracle Lord....

I look at some of the more difficult times in my life and truly believe that only God could have made it happen. When I was growing up there was this song that came on the radio...here are the words:

I'm a Miracle Lord, I'm a Miracle Lord, I'm a miracle Lord because of you. For the rest of my days, I will give you the praise...

That is all I can remember, but I look at all of my children and everyday believe that they are miracles I have been blessed with. Most of you know Ethan is deaf. You can go to this link to read up on his miracle http://elizabethonthego.blogspot.com/2008/03/monday-miracle.html.

This week he had his report card come home. He has the same first grade teacher that Emily had over 14 years ago. It's pretty cool to think that this teacher loves her job so much she would be there even for Ethan. In this picture are two awards. One for Honor Roll and the second for 2ND Highest Achiever. I cried when he brought these home. I realized that all the hard work with this kid just paid off in one moment. I remember feeling this very feeling with Emily. Both of these children are my strong willed children. We have joked for years that we don't know which is more of a challenge. A child who is strong willed that talks, or the one who is deaf. Watching how God is growing up both kids and the delight they are just goes to show that God is working every moment in the lives of these kids.

Here is Ethan's special ribbons.
Thanks Lord Jesus for the will you have put into this child to do his best work always, knowing that You gave him a terrific mind to learn. He may not always be articulate, he may not always like it when he does not get his way, but he loves to learn and I am so blessed to watch him humbly put his ribbons on his shelf for display. I am blessed that he can give thanks to YOU for making him special and he knows that when he sees you face to face his first voice to ever hear without cochlear implants will be your voice. Ethan thinks that is very cool. Thanks for reading.
P.S. I will not hear back on MRI results for about two days. I feel the love and prayers and want to send a thanks to everyone.


  1. Congratulations to Ethan for those awards!

    You have every reason to be so proud of him. He sounds really special and so do you. And I love how you always give thanks to God.

  2. What a wonderful report on Ethan. . .you are all miracles!

    I am reminded of a verse in Revelations 3 that says, "See, I have set before you an open door that no one can shut. . . " You have opened the door for Ethan and your family and all those around you that no one can shut. . .

    Hope you have good news regarding your MRI. Thinking of you and saying a prayer. . .

  3. Elizabeth, we don't know each other, but I'd like to introduce myself.
    My name is Elizandra, 28 y.o., I'm a Seventh-Day Adventist member, and I'm from Brazil.
    Looking for "I'm a Miracle Lord" lyrics, I was lead to your website. Please, if you know this song and its lyrics, send to me, because it means a lot in my life. I'm also a miracle, and I'd like to sing it in English in a English Sabbath School.
    Thank you for your attention

  4. i know that song too i heard it at a competition i was in when i was young and i only remember the chorus part so i googled it and i stumbled on your site.. i dunno you but it was nice to see a mother being so proud of her children and sharing the wonderful things God has done for us.. congratulations on both your kids:) Godbless! -ej

  5. If I'm not mistaken.. the lyrics is this...

    There are times when I wonder what you see in me
    Lord I know... I'm not.. (forgot)

    But when you reach your hands up Lord.. (forgot)
    I was moved by the love that you have.. (forgot)

    I'm a miracle Lord (2x)
    I'm a miracle Lord because of you
    For the rest of my days,
    I will give you my praise
    I'm a miracle Lord.. because of you

    I was lost in the skills of man
    and bound to die
    But because of your plans for me
    you heard my cry
    and you came in response to pray'r and heal the pain,
    (forgot the lyrics.. the last words is) life in vain.

    This is a song i sang when i was 5? sorry for the missing lyrics. I don't know of the tape of the song is still alive at home. All i know this song is known together with the song Jesus is the answer. :) God bless..

  6. oh. forgot. you can reach me at glennromerobuenavides@yahoo.com

    If i find the tape.. I'll try to record electronically so that I can send the song via email. I hope it's still alive. Cheers!

  7. I also am SDA. I have had this cassette tape with the song and others since the 1970s by the Ray B* (something) Singers. I was doing a search to find who the chorale was so if you know reply back to joestuffsda@yahoo.com. I intend to copy it to CD if I can't find it already on CD.

  8. Do you have the music sheet to this beautiful song please?

  9. Do you have the music sheet to this beautiful song please?


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