Thursday, September 4, 2008

How Profound my Icecream Date

It's been almost 24 hours since my ice cream date with a six year old boy. Ethan started first grade yesterday. He was up and dressed by 7:00am. Not exactly a picture of pressed, prim school boy. He chose his own outfit, which honestly is fine with me as long as he is within code. He looked cute and adorable at the enthusiasm of his first day. Is it just my kids who are always most proud of the back pack? I am a terrible mother when it comes to back pack. This is my 3rd child to go off to school. I let them choose their own back packs. I have told them all the same thing. "This is going to be your back pack for the next 12 years so choose one that you will like when you are 18 years old". They have never argued or challenged this. Ethan just decided that he would not want to carry Incredible Hulk for the next 12 years and chose a basic black pack with the wheels on it. Even today, his second day of school the back pack is still carefully placed by the front door with pride.

Every first day of school is followed by a special ice cream date. I asked lots of questions about the first day. Who do you sit by? What did you do first, and then second and then third? Did you get to practice remembering all the things from last year? You know, mom kind of questions.

Well, Ethan was not really interested in answering any of these questions. He really was not interested in being the answer-er...he wanted to be asking the questions. So here is how it all went down.

Ethan: So, mommy did Marie swallow a pill to get pregnant?

Mommy: Well, why do you ask, and what do you think? (good way to buy time in answering the question, and finding out what they are really asking...LOL)

Ethan: I think she just swallowed a pill. You said her baby will be here any day and her belly is huge. Does the pill just grow and grow?

Mommy: Marie did not take a pill to grow a baby Ethan. God designed it that both mommy and daddy have something special to share that makes the baby.

Ethan: What do they share? An ice cream cone.....(big silly laugh that follows)

Mommy: Yup they share a big ice cream cone. That is why kids like ice cream so much, because they are made out of shared ice cream cones.

Ethan: That's not true mommy what do they share?

Mommy: Well mommy has a special egg.

Ethan: Like a chicken egg that get's laid? (big silly laugh again)

Mommy: Nope a special baby egg and the daddy has a special seed. Once the daddy seed is put inside the mommy's eggs it's planted into the mommy's belly. God made mommy's like that, and then like our pumpkins ( we have big pumpkins growing in our flower beds) the seed develops and grows a baby ready to come into the world.

Ethan: Wowwwwww, God can sure do a lot of things really really really really good.

Mommy: Yeppers he sure can.

So, we went on to other topics, but today was very cool. Each child is different when introduced to how real God is the miracle of life. Each child gets the same story at a pretty young age, but then as we adults know that is the second half of the story. I am glad to say that none of my children have asked how that seed got there until a few years down the road.

Please pray for my dear friend Marie, who is ready to deliver her first baby sometime in the next 1-8 days. She is a healthy young woman who has had a very easy pregnancy. And I am blessed that my children have had the opportunity of watching the miracle of life growing her belly.


  1. I will pray for Marie.

    Did you ever get around to asking Ethan your questions? Boy did he throw some hard ones at you.

  2. How sweet! And what a great job you did answering tough questions!

    Prayers for Marie and her little blessing!

  3. Thinking of you guys and praying for your friend Marie. Heard from Beloved Mama on your prayer request. I'm so sad for her. :(

  4. I'm reading this after reading about Marie's baby not living. This must be hard to share with the children about why. Praying for you.


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