Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Loss of Sweet Baby Arie

My Thursday evening was to be one of silly girlfriends scheming to try to induce labor. Mike and Marie had a 39 week baby appointment at 5pm. They were coming for dinner at 7pm. I was going to spice up her serving and then we would walk two miles to promote labor. It worked for me four of my five pregnancies so she was willing to give it a try. Dinner sat on the stove waiting and then the phone call.

There was no heartbeat. The details of the last 48 hours are of hearts breaking, dreams shattered and the delivery of a breathless baby girl. A mommy and daddy are home tonight. No baby will be crying.

Please pause and pray for this couple. Passion and love for our Lord they have. They have friends and family who have covered them in prayer. But even all this will not take away the pain in their hearts today, next week or even next year. They have no sweet baby girl waiting to be nursed, or sung to. Pray for them.

Please also pray for me. It may seem a bit selfish in the moment to ask prayer for me. I have never lost a baby. I have never held the hand of a grieving mommy as her baby is being delivered. I have never held a baby without a heartbeat. Yet God gave me courage and strength to walk through this with Mike and Marie. God brought friends into my life to help me know how to help when I was at a loss for knowing what to do, how to comfort and support this family. Now as the weeks unfold please pray for me to know when to step in or fade out. Thank you.


  1. sigh, I am praying.

  2. I pray for Mike and Maria right now. That God would ease their pain. That He would reveal Himself to them in a way that they need for comfort. I pray for you. That God would guide you to know where and when to help. That you can be support for your friends and a visual reminder of God's grace.

    And I am sorry. So very sorry for this loss.


  3. Oh how heartbreaking. Praying hard for this family and for you, I know your heart must be just as broken as theirs!

  4. Deep sadness in my heart tonight for Mike and Marie. I'm thanking God for your presence in their lives. He intended for you to be there with them. To shepherd and to hold them during this crisis. He will enable you to be the comforting presence they need during this time.

    Praying for you friend. Praying for peace.


  5. We know God is all knowing and His ways are perfect. He had you there for a reason.

    God Bless you, Elizabeth.
    I pray for Gods loving arms to comfort Mike and Marie in a way that only He can.He holds that sweet baby girl now. He will see you you all through this.

    I grieve too.

  6. I've been so sad for you and your dear friend ever since I heard. What a heart loss this truly is. I will pray for you as I have prayed for her that you may be deep comfort to each other.

  7. Dear precious Father please cover this family with your comfort and your peace. Their hearts are broken and they need to feel your embrace. Surround them with family and friends that will allow them to grieve. Give them an extra amount of grace in the days and weeks ahead.

    I will continue to uplift them in my prayers. You will never know the blessing you have been and are to them. Keep on loving them even when there are no words, its the smallest of small things that mean the very most.

  8. This is so sad. I will keep them in my prayers. I had a few miscarriages and one was at 13 weeks where they found no heart beat. It is such a shock. I am not sure what you can say to them except just be with them when you can. Just knowing that someone is thinking of the baby they lost is helpful.

  9. The cruel heartlessness of death would do this, take life before it has even arrived. I said a prayer for Mike and Marie today.


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