Sunday, August 31, 2008

Young Peeps I realized that all the young people stay in the same age, but I keep getting older. Strange isn't it? I guess there is a time when you realize that college age kids are always between the ages of 18-22. I have always had a heart and passion for this age group and have been blessed to work alongside so many young people. Funny thing is that I don't really get how I am any older, except that I have a birthday every single year, I still dress in classic 80's attire, which by the way, is coming back in style, and I have about five kids, which really means ten kids when they all have a friend along. And yet in all of this we still have 18-22 year olds pass through our lives.

Tonight at church the "kids", you know that age group mentioned above referred to me as Emily's mom Elizabeth. I get that a lot. My name prefaced with child's name" mom Elizabeth. I have yet to claim my own identity. I think I am getting closer but then it never happens. So I bask in the fact that they at least know my name even if it's tagged with the child present.

God has been so generous to bless me over and over again with the witness and testimony of young people finding hope, life, and goals centered around serving an amazing God. I think I bond more with this age group because there is this newness in depth and understanding that to be able to watch these young people grasp God is like watching my own life every single day gain new insights into His MIGHTY love and care. And here is the real deal. God NEVER changes. He is the same today, yesterday and when I am twenty years older by the calendar I think I will still fill like a twenty something year old. Well we all know that I will be surrounded with that age group as the three little boys will be hitting that age group.

So I may be the mom of so and so, and I may never grow up and mature like I should, but life is good, life is full and life is rich with God's blessings all around me. Young Peeps!!!


  1. What a blessing you are to have a heart for these young ones. I myself have no desire for them and have felt bad about that in the past. Someday God may ask me to turn to that age group and work along side them but for now I'm in the younger age groups. Blessings to you dear one. :)

  2. Growing up and maturing is not really all its cracked up to be anyway. I am still a kid in many ways, my love for sci-fi and cheesy romance novels to name only a couple. I think the important thing is that we grow in Christ, and mature in our ability to share our testimony with others, particularly our young people.

    Did I ever email you your new blog header?

  3. This is how I became MzzTerry(Mrs Terry), always someone's mom, someone's wife, someone's teacher is okay with me, i have embraced it!! It keeps us young (in our minds at least!!!)


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