Saturday, June 14, 2008

New York

It is so hard to sit and try to recall the wonderful memories of a week long trip with my precious Pie Sweety. We lived in each other's space for seven days 24/7. Sharing thoughts, dreams, day to day everyday moments and all the while I kept thinking how blessed a mother I am to be asked to share in this experience.

People have often said that she is not your normal everyday teenager. But I know no different. She is what our normal is and it's that kind of normal that has us utterly lingering on a marble stone wall watching New Yorkers scurry from one place to the next. We can sit on the outskirts of a crowd at the Today Show and be content with the sounds of girls squealing over Chris Brown's performance. With the loud music, and crowds we sit with our coffee, off to the side and make mental notes of the other things going on around us that no one takes notice of.

We can sit and eat chips and guacamole, and then walk 14 blocks to Serendipity's for an over sized chocolate treat. It's the sounds of the city that really intrigue me. Always sounds of sirens in the distance, the sounds of horns honking and constant chit chat in every corner. We can sit in an Irish Pub and drink coffee and learn a little more of our heritage through the kind soul of the manager who allows an under age gal to sit up at the bar. We wander from one block to the next. Strange as it may sound we are not shoppers. We don't have this burning desire to visit all the hip stores, but rather we move from one block to the next hoping to discover a picture that we can take home as a memory of what we saw and experienced. Theater, Arts, and finding art in each new block is what makes our trip all the more exciting. All the while we just chat about life.

I think it's very cool how my daughter has shared a glimpse into our trip. Here is a link to her blog.. I am certain I will share more and more as the days unfold. It was such a wonderful trip to share with my one and only daughter.


  1. Sounds like a great trip. I'm from NY but haven't lived there in a very long time. A trip like that with my daughter would be fun.

  2. Hi Elizabeth... it's true... you all do have a wonderfully unique friendship. Mother and daughter. I'll try my best to not covet... but be eternally grateful to know that fairy tales do come true!

    Legos sound great... we're in.... just tell me when!

  3. You are so blessed to have such a relationship!!!truly- I loved her pics :o) and especially the Phantom pics.

  4. How cool that you got to have this special trip with Emily. I dream of this kind of relationship with my children. What a blessing to meet someone that has this incredible gift. Hoping you are having a great summer. :)

  5. Treasured "stones of remembrance" for a lifetime. May the sounds of this memory linger long and melody loud for years to come.


  6. I am so happy to hear that you and your daughter had such a great time together and that you are so close. This is how it is meant to be.

    Serendipity Oh my, can anyone say frozen hot chocolate?

  7. I just checked out your daughter's blog. She's a wonderful writer (as are you). Thank you for posting!


  8. Oh yeah baby...we had the frozen hot chocolate and this other mountain of a dessert. We ate such a light lunch knowing we would not hold back at Serendipity's place.


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