Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane...

Sometimes in these later evenings my brain is just not fuctioning with all the wires. The first picture is my precious little boy Emerson. Can he just stay so scrumpdilicisous forever. We call him little squishy. When he was a baby baby he was just so squishy and cute. I have this picture on here because I grabbed the wrong one and well he is just so sweet I kept it up.
Now for this jet plane. It's true I am on a place in the early am with this beautiful highschool graduate. When I asked what she wanted for graduation, she asked me if it had to be I pondered what might be behind such a question. And I smiled. She is so much like her mother. I smiled because I knew where she was going. Emily would rather have an experience, a treasure chest full of time well spent. Memories of when we did, or what we did. She is not impressed with stuff. Even the nicest stuff is nice, but given a choice she wants an experiences. So she has chosen to spend her graduation present on seven filled days in New York City. And well, I am not exactly going to hand over a handful of cash and say go have it...knock yourself out there. Oh no, this mommy is more than invited to join in.
I get the blessing of being with my little baby girl who blinked and grew taller than me. So we leave on tomorrow and we have lots of little adventures planned, and then lots of no plans because we just like to wander, wander, and wander. In and out of little communities, eating a snack here there and everywhere.
Pray for my husband who is taking a week of vacation to be a full time stay home dad to three very busy little boys. Oh the memories they will make. After this trip we have a big move and then I am hoping summer will still have weeks left over to relax. blessings to all.


  1. oh how wonderful, the gift of TIME spent together. What an incredible blessing. Soak it up, enjoy every second of it.

  2. What a treasure! Enjoy the gift of memory making. You will treasure them for an entire lifetime.


  3. Enjoy your trip! :) (And congratulations, Emily!) I'm looking forward to reading about the memories you make!


  4. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's trip to New York City. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's trip to New York City... if I keep saying it...

  5. Enjoy every moment! Hoping this trip will be wonderful for you both.

  6. You will love this trip. I lived in northern NJ for 30 years and frequented NYC often. It is an amazing city. Have a wonderful time.

    My daughter likes experiences too. We gave her money toward her mission to East Timor and Bali in June for her birthday and graduation so she was happy about that.

  7. How wonderful! You girls will have sooo much fun. So much to see and do. You'll need to make a special scrapbook when you return.
    Travel well and have a blast!



  8. Hey Friend! How's NY?
    I'm kicking summer off into high gear with a fabulous giveaway!!!
    please come for a visit :o)


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