Friday, May 23, 2008

Graduation for this week...

Ethan holding his certificate with one very proud papa.

Ethan standing with his class

The kids just before Ethan's graduation....some day they will all smile nice at the camera.

Ethan, this amazing young deaf boy has just graduated from Kindergarten. He has learned right along side his class of hearing kids. He has not had to be in special ed, or had to be pulled aside for special classes. This amazing blue eyed boy has taken his handicap and risen above those expectations put on deaf kids. In my opinion, not enough is put on them by the specialists. I did not give ear to his limitations. I did not put him in public school where he would have been placed in special ed. I put him in one of the best private Christian schools I know of. How do I know because I have already had two other kids go through this school. When Elliot was six years old he was diagnosed with ADHD. I get it's a real thing, but I did not believe this should in anyway limit Elliot. Within two months of being in this private school there was no indication of ADHD. I never had to medicate Elliot, and tossed his prescription.

They are not a special needs school. They are a solid Biblical based Christian school. A school that 13 years later since we first started still has many of the same teachers. They have taken my deaf child, who came to them with delays in speech. He came to them with some confusion on words, context, and they were completely open to working Ethan into their classroom structure. They did not alter their curriculum to fit Ethan, they expected Ethan to fit into the structure. They expected nothing less. And my bright eyed, challenging young boy will start first grade this fall. He will have the same teacher for first grade that Emily had over 12 years ago.
I am so blessed that God has taken this year and taught me so much about mothering a child with a handicap. Knowing to follow my instincts and most important to believe in your child. To let them see you believing that they can do it, even when they struggle and want to give up. When you have a strong willed child you must never allow them to give up because when they are faced with a challenge the strength and confidence is built on their success. Ethan has had a school year full of many challenges and even more success. Graduation night was a year of lots of hard worked wrapped up in an amazing program with even more amazing teachers.
Hats off precious little boy. God is so proud of you this year and so is your family.

About two months ago I went into the principles office and just cried. I tried to explain through all my tears that these were happy tears. I told him how much I appreciated that they would allow Ethan to come to this school. That the teachers and staff love him, and how I watch as the older class's high five he calls them out by name. How Ethan is challenged and learning and growing and in an environment that loves him. I just wanted to let the principle know the value they had to our family.

Last night Ethan graduated with his class. He was part of the school program and performed right along side his class. Before we left for the evening, he was rehearsing his speaking parts and singing some of his songs. He is an extraordinary little boy who has not allowed his handicap to keep him from being a part of every day life. I was so blessed by this evening.


  1. Yay for Ethan! Yay for you! Yay for the school! You all are doing wonderful. I, too, was mainstreamed from the very being and never regretted it. You are doing the best thing for your son! Congratulations!

    P.S. He looks adorable in his cap & gown and missing front tooth!

  2. Congratulations Ethan!!!

  3. How did I needed this?! Our son was recently diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. The other 3 are sailing through with their education, but not so with Jadon. We knew something was wrong early on in Pre-K years and have only had him tested. My kids attend a Christian school, and we have been counseled to keep Jadon right where he is. I can't tell you how much stress this has caused me, not to mention the financial strain it's cost, but we're gearing up for a summer of self-tutoring and a different approach to learning.

    Knowing that you son has not only survived, but thrived gives me hope and courage for the road ahead. Thanks for sharing this part of your story with us.


  4. Yeah for Ethan! What a gift of God he is to you! How much he has taught you...

  5. Congratulations Ethan. What an amazing kid you must be. It sounds like you really worked hard and now get to move on to First grade. That's awesome!

  6. Congratulations to Ethan for graduating. This story was very inspiring and I think will bring hope to others. What a blessing to have a school and teachers that carry on God's love, plans and purposes for your children.

  7. Elizabeth,

    What a special gift God has placed in your care. Ethan allows you to see godly miracles on a regular basis. How blessed you are friend.

    For Ethan: WOOO HOOOO! Congratulations sweetheart!

    Blessings, Joanne

  8. Wow, what a beautiful family! Y'all deserve all your blessings.

  9. Congrats =) What a wonderful blessing. Rejoice!!

  10. What a blessing and CONGRATULATIONS to Ethan. I always wished that we could afford to send my children to a Christian centered school. God was gracious to them/us as they attended public school. I believe kids that attend Christian schools have a better chance of marrying someone that is also a Christian though, that is a BIG PLUS in my book... now that we are several marriages down the road. One of them is struggling incredibly right now.

    Prayer for God's blessings to continue down upon you today.

  11. Way to go Ethan!!

    What a story of hope, I was so blessed just reading this.

    We have some things in common. I just read your profile. I'm the mom of 5 (all boys though) and my first and last are lefty's too! Cool...

    One of my sons was in special ed since kindergarten. This was a long time ago and the Christian school he attended could not help him. I really regretted that fact.

    My son is mentally handicapped. He made it through high school and worked hard for everything he accomplished. He's even battled brain cancer and is doing great! God has been so good to us.

    It's sooooooooo nice to meet you! Your family is beautiful.

    I'll be back♥

  12. What a wonderful amazing mom you are! I am so blessed to read your blog and so glad that your little guy is so successful. Congrats!

  13. Congratulations to Ethan. He sounds like a neat kid and a great example to the rest of the kids. He's an example to adults, too.

  14. These graduations are both beautiful. What a fabulous time you must have in your home. And forget about the photos... These faces are most memorable, and they will make you smile far more 20 years from now than if they were 'perfect poses'...



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