Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Today I am not happy with Oprah. I tend to read lots of articles in magazines. I was reading her most recent publication and it has me so baffled over this woman who struggles with so much inside stuff. I wrote her a letter while on the plane, coming back from the east coast. I was going to copy it into a blog as I often feel she is misleading so many woman in America. Woman, like herself, that are searching for indentity somewhere and somehow. But instead, just tonight I am simply saying that I am not happy with her. I sure she is use to all kinds of critics. I will share my frustrations in my next blog. That is all for now. Elizabeth


  1. Dear Elizabeth - It is so hard to see what is going on with Oprah. She truly needs our prayers. Her influence is so great over so many people. It is sad to see the deception.

    I thought James Robison of Life Today wrote a wonderful letter to Oprah that really helped me to deal with my feelings. I've tried to copy the site two different ways below. Otherwise just do a search for James Robison Oprah.



  2. I can't wait to hear what you have to say since I have been feeling very disappointed with Oprah myself lately. So it's not just me.


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