Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Adoption & 15 Seconds

Photo Credit: Velinda Davis

Today it took me TEN takes for a 15 second video for the "The Talk" talk show on CBS. One of the topics was "Adoption".  I was brought into the love and care of a family as a young teen. I decided when I was in high school that no one would ever feel un-loved or left out. When the producer asked if I might make a statement about adoption my heart just leaped with joy.

I have hundreds of kids, now grown ups, on my Facebook as friends because they were once kids visiting my home. They have since grown up and on any day of the week they know there is a place for them at my dinner table. Every kid who walked through my front door has been adopted into my heart.

In the late 90's I went through a four week training class for those considering adoption. I wanted to do for other kids what was done for me. Bring a child into my home to grow up around community and love. Circumstances in my life at that time did not allow that season to come.  Today when asked to talk for 15 seconds about adoption, the only message I wanted to communicate  is, "there is always room for one more." I had to do a total of 10 takes. When the producer called and said "we are running #10" I laughed. I kind of always joked that I would love to have 10 kids. Well with so many kids in need of a home, you never know if that may happen in my future, but I think and pray about it. My kids and I have talked about it over the years. Emerson has weighted in as wanting a younger sister. He is the youngest of my five and it's appropriate to ask. After all his big sister Emily has been like his best friend his entire life.

There is a growing need to place kids in loving homes. I just hope someday one of those kids can land in my home.  He are my thoughts in 15 seconds on adoption.

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