Thursday, March 9, 2017

Does The Enemy Keep You Quiet?

What exactly is the "enemy". The enemy of fear. The enemy of worry. The enemy of deceit. The enemy of robbing me of sleep. The enemy is that which keeps you from being who God designed. The enemy attempts to hinder you in ALL areas of your life that God wants to step into the middle of. Imagine if we could, in the middle of  facing difficulty, release our thoughts from worry, from fear, and from deceit? What might your story look like?

I decided that I did not want to wait until the end of the story or the end of the journey or the end of this season to share the miraculous ways God has stomped on the enemy. I felt fear. Fear is standing in a court room and hearing a stranger try to prove I was an unfit mother. When I received notice that within 48 hours I was to be in court to represent myself on being a mother. I was full of fear. The enemy of deceit had a strong-hold on my thoughts.  I did not sleep for two days. I opened up my computer and panicked over what I should be googling to defend my honor as a mother. I cried non-stop for most of those 48 hours and sleep. Forget about sleep. I prayed every moment my breath could utter a prayer. I prayed every moment my head cleared. And the enemy of fear, worry, doubt, deceit and rest robbed me blind.

And here begins a story of God stepping in when we release to Him ALL of this. I called my daughter not knowing what to do. I cried my eyeballs raw. I could not eat or sleep. Being a mother for almost 30 years and two people  now wanting to prove me an unfit mother. Lord have mercy on me. Emily suggested I call my church. And I did. I knew the pastor's wife and I left the crying-est message ever. I asked if her she could send someone my number to just simply pray with me. I did not know what to pray. I did not know what I was doing. I was clueless and living with the strongholds of the enemy. My life was not around lawyers, and legal matters. I only had one full day to prepare for this court hearing and according to my daughter there were 32 of her friends praying for me. And I went to my Facebook community and asked them to pray. And then something miraculous happened.

My heart calmed down. My head cleared and if this was a modern day parting of the sea, the waters parted and a way was made. It started with a call to a friend who had worked in family law.  I had not talked with her in months. Her name and face just came to my mind. She instructed me to print anything and everything from text messages, to emails, to receipts to whatever "God puts on your heart." And then the next thing is that my printer that was "out of ink" and went on to print over 150 pages. And then I needed a document. A legal document that I was already told that I could not get access to. The process was 7-10 business days. I cried and decided to get into my car and beg them face to face. I pulled up to the offices. Before getting out of the car my phone rang. A stranger. A stranger from my church called to pray with me. And she prayed over the situation and she prayed that God would make a way for providing the paperwork I would need. And I went to the office and  a woman passing through the office heard my name. And she knew my name. She had been instructed to provide that document for me. And I walked away with the papers in my hand.

My mind was sharp. I researched online every legal word I did not understand. I researched the law and God gave me wisdom I can not explain. God removed the fear, the worry, the unknowns the words of deceit. Because not only did that lady in the office know my name, but God knows my name. And God knows your name. And He knows all your worries, your fears, your hard. AND He is there waiting to help.

I went to bed at 10pm that night. I was prepared and ready for my case. And there was no sleep to be found. I tossed and turned. Finally at 1am I got up and took my shower, did my hair and make-up and drove an hour and a half away to where court would take place. I texted my friend in that town letting her know I was driving straight to her house and may be sleeping on her sofa when she woke up. She was going to court with me that day. I arrived at 5:30am and instead of sleeping I prayed. And then she and I prayed.

And I stood in court and to this day I really have no idea what happened. I know that God gave me wisdom. God gave me the words to speak the truth in HIS name. God stepped right in and took over what the enemy tried to control. And the enemy of fear, worry, and deceit lost in court. And my friend sat in that court room praying. The judge ruled in my favor. I was prepared. I was ready and I have no idea how I even did that except I did nothing but step into what God promises.

How much do we trust God to hand it over to Him? Are we even confident that HE will see us through?   I would like to say that my trust is perfect just by walking close to Him, but guess what. It's a daily release. A daily ongoing conversation I have to have with God.

Are we "approaching" God's throne? I have to believe that this is not just a one time act and we get it. As least not for me. AND God's promise of grace and favor. Hallelejah and Glory-Be. Like I said I can not tell you about that day in court or the many other times that followed but God's grace and favor followed my "approaching" his throne.

Hebrews 4:16

"Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need."

The enemy would like to keep you quiet, alone and captive to his ways. Does the enemy hold you captive and keep you quiet? Do not allow that in your life. Every single day I have to renew my heart's condition and release to God all of the fears and worries. 

If you are in a situation and you know that the enemy is distracting you with fear, with worry and deceit I ask that you stop right now what you are doing and call out to God. He knows you. He knows your story and HE promises grace and mercy. And then call on your friends who can pray for you. Call on strangers to pray for you. God crushes the enemy. God wins. 

Lord have mercy on me!! Thank you for reading, 

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