Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kids Room Furniture

Kids Room Furniture buying in the middle of the night, is it safe?  I have a big picture window staring at me. Complete darkness outside. Reminding myself that sewing my curtains for my office should be a priority if I make middle of the night blogging & buying a habit.  I made the mistake of going to bed early, which really felt like a long nap, so now wide awake while the rest of the house sleeps and I am buying kids room furniture.
I just reviewed my furniture order for the new store.  I have written it over 5 times, trying to bring in my purchases "under" budget.  My finance manager will be happy about that.
Here is the first collection called "Sabrina" I am ordering.  Imagine this entire row in a soft butter cream yellow.  The mirror will hang above the dresser, the nightstand next to the bed.  All in that lovely soft hue of yellow.  These will be pieces that can be ordered in many different colors, but for the showroom I love the yellow.  You will also be able to order here, at this website too.  How exciting is that.  For now this is just a preview, but by all means if you want this now send me an email.
Sabrina Twin Headboard  Sabrina ChestSabrina End TableRound Sabrina Mirror
These next pieces of furniture are the Portland collection. It is going to be shown in the same red you see above.  All red and all stunning.  I know of a little boy who is going to be begging for some of these pieces.  My six-year-old wants red furniture, and he just may get it.  What do you think of red furniture in a boy's room?
Portland Twin Headboard  Portland Tall Boy
Portland Bedside TableI can't wait until that first truck comes rolling up to the dock to unload. That "finance manager" is going to be wearing a different hat that day.  Helping with the unloading of these pieces of furniture.  The collection has many more pieces to show which I will bring in more at a later date. I just thought it might be fun for everyone to see what I have been up too...in the middle of the night...the usual, just buying Kids Room Furniture.  Doing my best to bring my customers the cutest, finest, and best pieces for your kids room.
What are some of your favorite pieces of furniture for a kid's room?

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