Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dear God, Dear God

Dear God, Dear God and then again Dear God again.  Ever have one of those days where you never get past the "dear God".  I was sitting in my office.  Holding my warm coffee, journal and pen ready, and my Bible begging to be opened. My cozy yellow leather love seat, my favorite place to sit and start thinking and pondering my life as it is, with just God.  "Dear God".

The doors bust open, and there stands a sweet facing holding a lego building and lots of lego guys.  One young man is proudly sharing his developing stories.  I listen ask questions, and send him on his way.  Breath in, breath out. "Dear God".  "MOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!"  I get up and go running.  "I can't find my favorite matchbox car and so and so had it last."  And then again, I sit and attempt to have some time.  Deep breath in and then again, "Dear God".

And He knows my heart. He knows my desires, and he knows that I am a mom. Dear God if that is all I get out on some days, I know you know my heart and together you walk through the entire day with me. 


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