Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Ethan

Pretty Much, even as a one year old I am adorable.
Ethan, age 9,  picks up a guitar at the music store.
Ethan, my deafly brilliant, music loving boy is turning ten.  Ten years ago I held this little baby.  My 3rd child, looking at him and wondering, as a mama will, what will his story be and how will it unfold.  His story can not begin to be told in one blog post.  The story of a baby who could not hear. The story of a baby that was happy, smiling, and the world as he knew it was perfect.  Yet, for me, his mother I cried. I prayed and I cried almost every day for three years wondering if he would ever say, "I love you mama."  And one day he did.  Who would have thought that my deaf child would love music as he does. Cochlear implanted into a hearing world and learning to communicate, articulate, sing, and have such deep passion to know God.

Ethan, age 4, picks up a guitar and a mic at the music store.

Ethan, age 3, on a violin, jamming with a friend.

Ethan, age 8, looks on at his sister's concert, now a stage hand.
Ethan, age 4, after his second Cochlear Implant.

This is not the face of a boy who just had major surgery.

Ethan, age 2, completely deaf and smiling. His quiet world.
In a hearing world, 1st grade awards of academics. Handicaps only hold kids back if we let them.
Ethan, age 6, his first drum set and he plays well too.
 It's never to late to introduce your child to music.

Ethan, age 4, and he still loves to read.

Nothing changes between these two. Big sister Emily and Ethan always challenging the other.

Big brother Elliot keeps his little bro dates.

Ethan with his younger brothers, always playing in threes.
Ethan has a precious heart.  He has overcome so much with his handicap.  Only once, did he ask me "why did God forget to give me hearing."  A question no mother wants to answer, but I did.  I told him that God, knows him, created him and has a special purpose and plan in his deafness.  Special is not just different. Special is something bigger, requires more responsibility and today Ethan understand this.  Ten years ago, I could not have ever imagined that those mama "I love you's" would be spoken daily by Ethan.  It's been a challenge, a blessing and joy to be the mother of this boy. Happy Birthday Ethan.

Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you!  Thank you for Ethan. Thank you that you chose me to help in writing his story.  Thank you that each page that turns into the next he knows you.  You started his story and you are with him always.  I love that about you God.  Blessings, Elizabeth                                                                                                            Archer Blues And Rock Jr. Electric Guitar And Amplifier PackSchoenhut Electric GuitarUnion 5-Pc. Drum SetTivoli Audio Black Model Three AM/FM Clock Radio - Model Three PIANOSchoenhut 18-Key My First Piano


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