Saturday, April 28, 2012

She Had Big Round Glasses

What will people say when I am gone?  What will my neighbors say?  What will my children, or grandchildren (someday) say..."she had big round glasses? 

 I am not yet counting my days. I am hopeful that God has me here for a very long time.  This was my thought driving home this afternoon.  Attending the lovely funeral of Mary Alice still lingers from weeks past. This gift of a woman in my life.  Not more than 5 feet tall and no more than 90 pounds, but stronger than most people I know.  Many stories were shared of her life that day.  I had the honor of reading a blog post I wrote about her.  As I looked out over a packed church, and all kinds of hues of purple, I cried and smiled both.  The memo was "wear purple".  Mary Alice's favorite color and so most did.

Listening to people share their stories of how she touched and impacted their lives.  One thing about Mary Alice was her  heart for serving others.  Her ability to make you feel special and her genuine interest in your own story and life.  I sat and listened and thought how wonderful God is to bless me with this friendship.  A friendship that taught me so much about loving and serving others.   As each person shared their stories, it was clear that her life had meaning and purpose. She used her God given gifts to minister to the hearts of so many people.   Genuine and tangible were her gifts.  Even as I sit here in my living room, a special blanket she made with left over scraps from window treatments.  I now treasure this blanket even more.

Tonight I bribed my boys.  Being the keeper of chocolate covered almonds I allocated these treats based on three nice things they could say about  me.  Of course they all chimed in with lovelies of their mother.  Really I don't have to bribe them, because on regular basis, they do let me know the things I do that make them smile.  I was just curious, in the moment, with bribing rights what they might say.  Those words from my boys melt my heart.  It didn't hurt my ego either to hear those little voices.

I will miss Mary Alice very much.  I have to say this is probably the first person, so close to me, I have lost.  I will never be that person I was with her.  That precious covenant of friendship that we shared.  It is bittersweet, as she lived a full and purposeful life.  I loved hearing what everyone had to say about her. There will be many stories to share.  When someone dies you are in constant thought of that person's life.  I know that is how it's been for me.  Her memories lingering in the small things of life.  Am I doing today those things that will make a difference for someone else?  What might others say about me when I am gone.  "She had big round glasses."

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  1. I'm going to say, "she loved me very much" (and drove to the beach with me).


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