Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Heart

My heart has been very heavy the past 24 hours.  Prayerfully asking God what my part is when others have issues in their lives that I am not responsible for or able to ever control I think that when we/I (women who mentor other women) meet with a number of women on a regular basis, there is this assumption that we/I am a "Godly Woman" which I embrace and value.  However "Godly Woman" does not ever mean that I can take your hand and lead you out of the sin in your life. Sin is sin. we all know this and I have issues in my life that God exposes in me. I am working on those things daily.  I have people in my life who hold me accountable, but it is not their job to place handcuffs on me and walk side by side keeping me out of trouble. God gives me a clear picture of what is right and wrong, and it is my decision which direction I choose and my responsibility.

My heart hurts when I see decisions being made that will have a lasting impact on lives and the life of  families, spouses, friendships. Perhaps that hurting heart comes from having walked in similar shoes.  I can come alongside and give solid Biblical guidance, but I can not take your hand and lead you out of that sin.  That is your decision and choice. I can throw you the rope, and I will get down on my tummy and reach down to grab you, but if you don't take the rope, or reach your grip into mine I am only to pray for you, and offer the best guidance I can.

Twice this past year, I have been blamed and attacked for my lack of coming alongside and doing the right thing.  What is the right thing to do when the sin is being walked in and around by another?  To confront, ask questions and pray?  If that person continues to walk in that sin, to gather with another sister in Christ to ask that you walk away from those temptations of sin? That would be the best intentions and Biblical what we are called to do.

Often I am not aware of all in your community, and if church has not been a regular event in your life, I am not always sure who to bring in and alongside. I do know this. I am praying women. I am praying hard for you, and the path of destruction you are on.  Who are you?  You are anybody.  You are me. About fifteen years ago I shared a situation in my life with a very strong mentor who was regularly in my life   She prayed with me and I already knew all the Christian-ease, but I did not have ears to hear it. Sometimes when in the depths of some deep sin, we don't have ears to hear, even if the words are being spoken.  I may speak words of truth, but if you don't have ears to hear, I can not be held responsible for the sin and disasters in your life. If you do hear the words of truth spoken and still make choices apart from Christ there will be consequences to that sin in your life.  

For those of you who mentor others, speaking and pouring the life of biblical truth, it's important to keep your heart in check.  To know that God is using you in the good the bad and the ugly.  I know you are not perfect, but God is perfecting you. I know that I am not perfect, and God is also perfecting his will, guidance, and grace in my life.  We may not be able to reach everyone, and if after we have poured into someone, with the best of what we have, at the end of the day our best, may not have been the expectation of best put on us. 

God calls us to love, and if a brother or sister falls, we are to love them like an unsaved person, which comes full circle because we are called to love the broken.  The broken may not love you back, and Jesus certainly breathes His life into the unbroken and into me.  May the God who teaches us to love, live in our hearts as we pour into the people we love. Love and Blessings, Elizabeth


  1. Sorry... call me if you want to chat. I'll be praying for you.

    Just today I wanted to go and fix one of my dear friends... but I had to remind myself to let go and let God. He does a much better job than I could ever do. Sometimes I forget that.

    1. Reading this and realizing "I am God You are not statement" today.

  2. Such wonderful and wise words Elizabeth. As women we so want to "fix" the hurt that we see in others. Especially when we see them walking down a path that just has trouble written all over it. For me, I must always remember that prayer my be the most powerful thing I can do at that moment. Although it feels like I am not doing much, it may be the much I am supposed to do. Thank you for opening yourself us for us to see.

    Much Love,


    1. Prayer is so powerful and yes, it is the one thing we can do in harder times, always. elizabeth


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