Sunday, January 29, 2012

Late Night Blabbing

I wrote a post earlier this evening about Sleep Glorious Sleep.  As of now the entire house is settled in for the long sleep. The dog is next to me with his paws in the air experiencing Glorious Sleep as well.  The down side to sleeping in, which is wonderful, is that I am wide away.   Emily, David and I enjoyed watching an old musical, and then some Alaska back country living show, and off to bed they all went. I sit in quiet just thinking, only one light on.

I wandered over to facebook to look at pictures. I  really enjoy taking the time to look at people's pictures and I wondered too if people even look at mine?  I will look at every picture my older two kids put up and then halfway wander in and out of the pictures that are on the ticker tape.  I actually got great pleasure in looking at hundreds of pictures this evening.  Things about people I may not have known before.  I stumbled on some hiking pictures from a few years back with some ladies from our church. I was suppose to go on that hike and a dear friend was encouraging me. A few years back I had a 2-4-6 year olds and did not think I should leave all the boys in David's care after he puts in a sixty hour work week, so I did not go. It was not until now that I really looked at these pictures and realized, that now, this time in my life I can go.  So friends let's get planning.

I have no camping gear. Well I own a cute little red tent. That is a start. Elliot bought it and then didn't need it so I bought if off him. I should go and set it up for the boys tomorrow so they can camp indoors.  I do own hiking boots and some good socks but other than that, what more do you need.  I am going to start looking up some good hikes  around Jefferson. It's been over 15 years since I hiked those parts, but I am sure very little has changed and after looking at these pictures am very excited.

Who is in? Ladies I will be the fearless leader if I have to.  Or enlist you as the fearless leader.

Another thing about looking at pictures this evening was the reality of how some people's lives have really changed, the tragedies, the heart aches and acknowledging, in my own life, how important community is.  Those times when life is so hard and you have only one choice and that is to be real and honest with the people closet to you.  Looking at those who have been there for me, and seeing the strength in smiles made me so appreciative of the people in my life.  Tonight, over dinner I told David that God has sure blessed me with amazing friends.  Then to look at those faces and the pictures, yes I do have amazing friends.  My longest Portland friend, she and I met shortly after I moved to Portland in 1993, are still good friends and have seen each other through every season those years have brought us.  I loved her pictures most this evening, because one of her kids was an infant in her arms, literally the first time we met, and he is such a neat  young man today.

Then the youngin's. I love using that word, as if I am old enough to make that kind of a reference.  Elliot and Emily's friends who were little bobbly kids, now married or engaged or off into wonderful careers. Yes all this warm fuzzy business in the wee hours after midnight. Noticing how they are decorating thier starter homes, the things that make them smile.    I just sigh and smile out loud in my one light on room.  No matter what kinds of things happen in life, one thing is for sure. I am still here. Still embracing the journey of life with the blessing of friendships and family.

Thanking God is part of my everyday conversations with Him.  Tonight I am thanking him for each of you. I always assume I know everyone who reads my blog. Apparently, according to my "stats" I have 10 readers from Germany, 18 from Italy, and a few other random places. So this late hour as I write know that you are being prayed over.  Because in these moments of quiet, faceless readers I am thankful for you too.  Happy Sleeping, because many of you are there now (except my German and Italian readers) and I shall now head up.
Blessings & Love Elizabeth

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