Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sleep Glorious Sleep.

Sleep Glorious Sleep!  Last night I had a wonderful evening out on the town with such amazing young women.  We checked into our hotel, got all perdy and then went to a local concert.  Josh White, a favorite for all of us , and then a late night dinner.  Getting back into the hotel and then thinking time for bed.  No we all gathered on the two beds, cozy jammies, and hearts ready to share.  Nodding off to bed around 2am with two others in my bed.  Yes, Emily and Jenna, forgetting they are now grown up, squishing into bed.

My plan was to get up before all the gals, and sneak out and then go and bring back gourmet coffee's for everyone.  They collectively, got up before I did and the decision was made to let me sleep. I woke up very slowly, thinking I was up early only to realize I had SLEEP GLORIOUS SLEEP!  They had all had their breakfast, coffees, and as I rolled out of bed at 10:30am I realized, even more, what a blessing these gals are to my life.  Such a simple way to bless me.  SLEEP GLORIOUS SLEEP which was nice because I had a busy day ahead of me.  Thanks all of you lovelies.

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