Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How Is God Fitting Into Your Day

How is God fitting into your day? 

This morning, the snow if falling, the boys are outside playing at 7:00am, in their school clothes, and I find my way to the coffee maker.  Grumbling, not just a little but a lot.  I got my full eight hours of sleep, but boys excited before the sun comes up was not shared by me.

I pretended to be overly enthusiastic.  I went along with hopes of a full "ten feet of snow mama", but really I was not not ready to face the world.  This was a very easy morning.  The boys know that the basic routines are "get dressed and then breakfast." All of which they did on their own BY 7:00am.  (AH-HA they do know how to get their own breakfast, especially with the incentive of snow.)  As I fumbled for mix matched dry mittens my heart and intellect asked me..."Elizabeth, how is God fitting into your day?"  My selfish mommy heart just wanted more time to linger in bed, more time to linger over fresh brewed coffee, more time linger into things that have nothing to do with anything.

How does God fit into my day of mothering?  Am I serving my children and loving them as God would have me love on them.  Seems easy enough. I mean they are about the loveliest creatures I know.  This morning, there was no God in my selfish thought process.  It was not even a draining morning, I just wanted to be doing my own stuff and kids were interrupting what was going on in my own head.  I asked God to give me a special enthusiasm for the morning.  Not just the faking and pretending I was doing.  I asked God to give me ears to hear their hearts, that joy of being a boy and exploring snow at 7:00am.  And a funny thing happens when God fits into your day. He hears and He does give that softening of a mommy's heart.  My coffee went cold as I watched the thrill of the boys. I got towels to wipe up the wet hardwood floors, where minutes earlier I was on the edge of yelling, "wipe your feet or take off your shoes" and even if they forgot, this morning I was needing God. 

Right now I need him to, and five minutes ago and in the future moment, minutes, hours and days to come.  God isn't not an appointment of just a quiet time at a specific time of day.  God wants to fit into every part of our day.  This morning, and now, as I work on projects for work.

After sitting in the car, through car line my heart so content. Then hugging and kissing three sets of rosy cheeks that hopped out of the car, I drove home, thanking God for fitting in with me. I more anxious to sit in my dining room and read my Bible, journal and pray more over the day to come.  How is God fitting into your day?


  1. Today is certainly a day where I have been in prayer. Not the sitting down kind. The kind that you have when cleaning your floor. It is amazing how we can let so much "stuff" get in our way. May today continue to be a blessing to you Elizabeth.

    Much Love,


  2. So good to hear how you change your perspective by asking the Lord. What a good reminder for all of us. Kissies...


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