Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Working Mom

There is this working mom. She was once this mama who blogged a lot at She had stories of her life to share, but most important it was how she embraced God that she wanted to share.  She is still here, and she is the one typing.

My days and time on the computer have taken me to working. I mentioned here, several weeks back that I am working on a new  business,  and now refining all the fun stuff. It has taken a lot of work and time.  My master bedroom and office are a full time work room...and now spilling into the downstairs office.  I try to get it all cleaned up before David comes home but tonight, with kids in bed I will work until the projects before me are completed.

Working from home is a big bonus and I feel so very blessed.  I am reminded of this verse in 
Ecclesiastes 7:4...."the end of a matter is better than it's beginning, and patience is better than pride."

I am beginning to see the end of some very big projects, and things are looking and feeling a whole lot better.  As the ending of these big projects grows close the beginning of something new will come and again the beginning a little harder.  It's hard when you have your own business and patience is truly what I am learning more of and growing more into.  I have had my own business my entire adult life.  When hard work comes I actually get a little giddy.  Why?  Working hard, always produces something learned, something gained, and a deeper understanding of what I am working so hard at.

A few days ago, with all the rain pouring outside my office window I decided to sort buttons.  I wanted to see color when I looked out the very big picture window.  So as the rains keeps coming, I get to bask in a rainbow every day. I call this Button LOVE.

God is blessing this process from the very start in ways that do not even make sense.

If you know of a darling, handmade clothing line that has a vintage feel to it, can you comment, link me or email me.  We are getting ready to shoot our pictures and I would love to promote some local Portland, OR mama who sews lovelies for children.

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